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A letter to a Nepali Pen Friend


First of all I want to thank you for sending me your write-up. Its just excellent in logic and the reality in some instances. I'm also thankful for you as I got a new friend. Let us be good friends. We nepali should be united to make our motherland prosperous. In 1998 August, i have been in Vienna for 10 days. So a little bit i know your city.

Our country is going through very tough time in her history, so all this tormoil is like"labour pain" before a child borns. But we should be very careful about commual harmony. Personally I have many Madhesi friends and i never felt and feel anything agaist them. But there are some, with thier own plans and intensions, who can do harm to our country knowingly or accidently. My all writings and efforts are directed against them. So as the agenda of "single madhes" also. Please think: if i believe that the whole Terai is full of Madhesi(hypothesis) with no Pahade, no Tharu and others, even then what is the logic of making 1000 km long and 30 km wide territory one state? Again, look even in India, if we take only one caste YADAV, they both are eqally divided in Bihar and UP, and in Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav ruled for many years and in UP Mulayam Singh Yadav. Why Yadav are not demanding Single State for them in India? And why same Yadav is demanding single Madhes in Nepal? When something is not logical and natural, we say that it may be conspiration. About Madhesi Identity and Single Madhes, there are more contradictions. If Pahade living in Madhes are not Madhesi(it is the definition of almost all Madhesi leaders !), so how can they support and live in Madhes? And here comes the need of Chure-Bhawar. Look please , who are creating the problems- the so called Madhesi leaders. Because they are guided by some unknown motives.

Regarding commoners and people from street,they are always driven by short time emotions and i never comment on them.

Regarding your view about "janayuddha by Jha and Mandal" is very correct. About oath in Hindi and Prashanta Tamang, i have other views. Let us start with oath: When you are elected as veep, the very high post for a person to achieve, you should (must) be loyal to your country(not Pahade, but to Nepal- Nepal is there, so you could be veep, if no Nepal-then who will ask you what are you, and it doesn't matter how you became- mathmatically or unanimously) and for 52% of Nepalese Nepali is the mother tongue. So here you insulted majority of Nepali. Secondly, by constitution, Prez and veep are the guardians to save it, and you have neglected it in the very first chance. Thus, you have done some uncostitutional thing. Thirdly, he was the Judge of suprime court, and he knew what he was doing- so he did it deliberately. So, Mr. Jha has done an absolute wrong thing.

Regarding protests, that is another thing. Pahade protests in Pahade places of this case is nothing in my opinion. It is like dogs barking in their own boundry. These day i waited and hoped that there will be protests of "this hindi oath" in Janakpur or Birgunj by Madhesi groups. But that did not happened. And here, i think all of us had missed the chance to show that we Madhesi and Pahade are together, in the issue of a foreign language and insulting Nepal. I personally understand Hindi, English, a little bit German, but all are foreign languages for me. My mother tongue is Nepali and i also can speak in Maithili, Vojpuri, Newari and i very much like these languages specially songs in Vojpuri because i like our people, i want to make them prosperous, i want to see them happy.I think nationality is here , in loving your country, her diverse languages and people residing here. Here , veep Jha has completely missed.

Again, why he took oath in Hindi? Just try to guess. He himself said that according to last census, 200 000(2 lakhs) people have mother tongue Hindi. Why didn't he think about the reamaining 25 millions of Nepali whose mother tongue is not Hindi? He deliberately wanted to insult others. That was his fault. And what he achieved doing this. Just some destroyed property and damaged vehicles? Did he get any prize from india doing this? Or he will get it latter? Are all Madhesi became prosperous and happy after that? Is the Identity of Janakpur, Birgunj and Rajbiraj is Hindi?

Regarding Prashant Tamang: If you have not watched the tv programme, you can do it on U-tube(if you are interested). Like you, i was also surprised at first. Then i found many of shows with his participation on the U-tube. I studied it thoroughly for a week. He was not praised and loved just for winning the contest and becoming the Indian Idol, the reason is another.When Prashant reached certain stage in this competition, some people in Darjeeling decided to cash it politically in favour of own political benefit and in the name of Gorkhaland. But due to lack of resources to send sms(5 Rupees per sms) to sony tv- they gave this event a Nepali colour. Prashant's Nepali mother tongue played good role here. To win this competition, they needed votes from Nepal. On the stage Prashant proudly declare that Nepali is his mother tongue(and everybody speaking Nepali loved him for this, even Udit Narayan went emotional and right on the stage he talked with Prashant in Nepali), he wear "Dhaka topi", declare himself Gorkhali and sang a song in Nepali praising Nepal and Bir Gorkhali( who do not like this praise ?).

So Prashant became Nepali hero, not by just winning a Hindi contest, but he repeatedly praised Nepal, Neplai language and Gorkhali( for comparison-twice he sang songs in Nepali in a Hindi channel, but our veep can not take oath in Nepali.) Believe me if a Mandal or Jha had done the same thing, he had also been same type hero. Prashant was initially just a poppet for darjeeling politicians, but suddenly he became hero. Nothing bad was there when we celebrate success of our people(being Indian citizen if he say i'm gorkhali, my language is Nepali- what is bad here). You can say you pahade, nepali speaking- so you like this. But my question is- by insulting Nepali language and pahade you want to make new Nepal?Or by promoting other our languages along with Nepali? Why Madhesi are so worrying about Prashant's success? Then were they happy when 100 000 Nepali speaking people were expelled from their country Bhutan and are living in Nepal for 18 years? Where can they go? I'm with them, i'm with Prashant because he/they think that they are Nepali,not depending upon where they were living or live now. If some Madhesi do not understand it, then there is a very deep difference between our understanding and it is very serious problem. I dont know who can solve it.



  1. I am looking for penpals ALL over the Nepal, as I think this is a very good country of honest, loyal, and hard-working people. I want to visit all of its major cities

    I am open to friendship with any Nepalese : Any age, any gender (male / female), any caste, any city

    Pls contact
    ceo_ak hotmail com

  2. very hard to understand


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