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Shirish Ko Phool : Review & Download

One of the finest book ever written in Nepali literature....Shirish Ko Phool and one of my personal favorite.

I have read this novel over four times or say five times..and each time I finish the novel I feel pang and it hangs on my head for so many days. Why guilt is so painful that made such a strong woman called Sakambari to suicide..or die…??

The novel has a wonderful language..the simplest of all. When I had read it for the first tell the truth that I hadn’t really understood the novel, I felt the love story in it and I could not understand the passion in the novel.. But this day I may say I am able to figure out the passion and the feelings of the author..

I really appreciate the wonderful story, the plot the real setting, the real characters…and the situation of the novel till it ends. The pain of running away from the feelings and passion. When the Suyogbir says.."Ma glass ma bhagchu” ( I forgot the line exactly…). The feeling is that we run away from pain…because we want to forget the pain..pain that we are suffering in our life.

What makes the old Suyogbir..the most flirty fall in love with his friend’s sister…who is half of his age..Sakambari..the character in the novel..seems to be such a strong woman..who is an atheist..who lives her life in her own way…The way she wants…The way she has been living..The inscet eating Sungavas…like whom she is…When she says “Jharnai parcha bhane afno iccha le jharne” ( still I forgot her words..) The book is here in front of me..

I found this underlined..which obviously I have done.. “Bari pani kehi rahasya lukaudi ho. Dhuwa ko Muslo bhitra ki awasya bari bhagdi ho dhuwa ma rangmangiyera”. These are the exact words of Suyogbir in the novel which expresses the feelings..that Bari has preserved. At this very moment I remember my friend Suraj, who have asked whether I know the reality. Then I got the impression of the truth behind the novel, Parijat herself..and her perfect blend of the fact….the truth of her own life…her own passion..the hidden truth..Then I understood the above lines..clearly..crystal clear…!!!

But I won’t tell the truth as well because I might be wrong to analyze the writer’s creation with the personal..that would be totally injustice..if I did that. So, I assume that I have understood all those symbolical words..hidden symbols..hidden passions..hidden..truth…and hideen Parijat above all..and thats awesome.

The most eluding thing about the novel is the flow of passion…the passion of Suyogbir..the passion of Bari and yes the passion of Bari’s brother..I forgot the name..Shanker??? no its Shivaraj…The novel is full of passion..and if we know one thing then all thing becomes crystal clear…but that one thing I would not like…share it here…(Perhaps people know about it like my friend knew)

The novel really made me cry..and I always do this..Whenever I read I can’t control my trembling heart..I feel palpitation in my heart..and a serious pang…at the end when Suyogbir says…."Meri Sakambari ! Aba malai Sarirbhari Khopera Hidna maan lageko cha, Jeewan ko Asafaltha ho, Yo Jewan ko durbhagya ho, Manis yesai pani dhuki cha , usai pani dukhi ! sadhai ritto hath, ritto maan farkana abhyesta manche ma rittai farke”…….( right now too I am tearful ) The english transaltion would be done by Holmes..I am feeling sleepy..

But the feeling I want to write…these lines give a pang in my heart…how much has the failure in love accounted to Suyogbir..he has been tragic…so that he wants to hurt himself…and give him the physical pain..he even says at one instance..that loving Sakambari was more painful than his suffering there at Death-Valley…

Love’s great…Love’s worst…This must be the worst part of love..which itself..the unexpressed feelings..the lust..the sexual passion..the inner hidden desires…the LOVE itself….the tragedy…

This tragedy broke my feelings…really made me kneel down and cry at the failure of a man’s love..which he could never make his..the guilt Sakambari…feels and unnatural death…The biggest faliure…pang in my heart……painfull…agony…and I am in tears right now too.

When I sit up and listen it again…for some third or fourth time…the same level of energy I feel…the same level of vibration in my heart and the same level of anxiety….and everything every feeling same…and every emotions same…as I have read it..

Reading with full of feelings and emotions….

P.S. ( I am in tears….again….same feelings when I had heard this for first time)

ShrutiSambeg: Download Shirish Ko Phool
Download: Episode-1
Download: Episode-2
Download: Episode-3
Download: Episode-4
Download: Shirish Ko Phool Ko Bhumika & story 'Maile Najanmayeko Chhora'


  1. Wow !
    Excellent review...hope Now it will be more easy to understand this novel...

  2. Thanks you so much... Really enjoyed listening...

  3. waw... thank you so much aakar sir.....
    mailey sabai download gare hai.

  4. Whoever wrote this review on the book has done a meticulous job in doing so.The reviewer has orchestrated his opinion in the simpliest of words which is very very difficult to do,hats off.He/she possess such streak no wonder he/she found solace in swimming in the simpliest words of the author.After reading the review,my appetite for reading this book has grown out of bounds.Thank you....

  5. Thank you so much Anonymous.....

  6. You are very welcome...

  7. spoiler at second para! Hmmm...

  8. splitsanu shresthaJuly 31, 2012 at 1:35 PM

    it is so impressive and embarrass too..i like it..this is the fabulous novel ever

  9. I like this soooooooooooooooo much nawaras misiyeko 6

  10. Shivajee bhandari~madhupaban~August 1, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    sirish ko ful is not a jock this is novel things with  all napal and nepali i things we  are luckey

  11. thanx for uploading this 

  12. truely a worldclass novel.

  13. omg how the hell do you delete a comment :/ lame this is

  14. i m very fond of reading novels from very young age of mine then i found this very precious book n try to dive in it but i could not go through it 'coz i could not get it's things now i got it's listening one hope i can enjoy the core thing of this great novel.

  15. Its nice to read your point of view.'Sirish ko phool' was also translated in English hai. Paarijaat made a great creation.

  16. Aakar ji Shruti Sambeg ko layest episodes pani rakhnu paryo hai please aile chaliraheko novel Ma hideko bato ko downloads pani rakhna mil6 bhane rakhnu na hai please

  17. what to say about shiris ko phool mind blowing drama creation. it was great to listen than read.

  18. can 14 yrs old read this book?

  19. nice aru pani rakhnu la

  20. very nice book by parijat :)

  21. and its called-"the ble mimosa"

  22. Love’s great…Love’s worst…This must be the worst part of love..which itself..the unexpressed feelings..the lust..the sexual passion..the inner hidden desires…the LOVE itself….the tragedy… hmm nice one

  23. did you know that dis bk is also witten in english?

  24. i mean the BLUE MIMOSA

  25. shirish ko phool it was a extraordinery novel which i  had listened first time in one of F.M by Achut Ghimire's voice in Shruti Smabeg.i was so much impressed from this novel.

  26. CAN I get the pdf of shirish ko phool.

  27. really superb..i like it!!!

  28. thuprai chote padhesako upanyas ho taipani phere sunda ramailai lagyo

  29. my sister had this afternoon i was bored and having nothing else to do decided to read it.i had never read nepali novel before so i didnt have big expectation(nepali novels have so few pages compared to english so i was like what story could be in this thin book)...but after reading it .i was blown away .it so it ,lOvE it

  30. It's been my pleasure and honor to get the chance to read a such a novel which has a tremendous power to inspire others, Hat's off to PARIJAT, Such we have a reason to be proud that Nepal has got such kind of writer, It is able to get the Madan Puraskar and it has proved itself, love you Siris ko Phool

  31. I tried to glean a semblance of synopsis of the book "Shirish ko phool" under review, but there was none. It seems to me that the reviewer was handicapped by being ensorcelled by the emotion engendered by the book at the expense of being purposeful and succinct as a reviewer is required to be. Why so many ellipses in the review? Yet the meanings of the sentences were quite understandable without contemplating any omission. At one point, the reviewer admits forgetting the name of a character. This hardly comports his claim of having read the book "... over four or say five times ..." If memory failed him, the reviewer could have easily looked up in the book itself for the name.

  32. Is it just me or is the bgmusic really annoying..... id rather have silence or calm music during the breaks


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