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Our country is in great slumber and here is a problem everywhere.Our mind is full of fear.We are facing a problem and people are divided in many groups.They are trying to make a different country.Along with this here is no petrol,no diesel,no water,no electricity,no security But we are tolerating it.Yes,we know country is in problem and they too say that country is in problem and we have to bear it for sometime for their "New Nepal".We have a freedom to express but we are not using for our well-fare.Instead of this we are using our freedom to destroy our own nation.We are destroying everything,we don't care - wat'ever it is ?

Only after complete destruction of nation we can make a "New Nepal".So, I understand that we are tolerating things like बन्द,हड्ताल,चक्काजाम,तोडफोड,जुलुस,धर्ना,हत्या,अपहरण etc just for their "New Nepal".Because if there are still old stuffs remaining here,then how can't we make "new nepal" , yes ??? So anyhow we …

de gleanerWhen we hear the word Education we immediately relate it with knowledge. However, getting educated doesn’t mean the same as gaining knowledge. Education can be defined as a formal process and product of gaining knowledge. For example, a person has a lot of knowledge about computer programming. He/she knows how to use programming software such as C++, Java, and PHP in developing and formulating computer programs. However, he doesn’t have a degree in computer Engineering. For a single post of Computer Programmer, reputed IT Company invites applicants. Along with him, there is another applicant who has the same level of knowledge of Computer Programming; however is a graduate of a University. Who has a better chance of getting the job? Obviously that of the graduate. The meaning of getting educated lies in this answer.

In today’s competitive job market, an educated person is more preferred than an uneducated person. The reason behind this is the potentiality of the graduate to s…

देश अस्तव्यस्त,जनजीवन त्रस्त । बर्बाद छ हालत,अब त खान पनि पाइएन । म छक्क परेँ-“अरे ! कस्लाई गफ दि’राछौ यार ?”, “के गफ दिनु,साँच्चै भन्दैछु”-उसले भन्यो । साँच्चै,उसले खाना खाने गरेको होटल त अस्ति को दिन देखि नै बन्द भैसकेछ । पैसा छ नि,पैसा नै खानु भएन । खाने सामल-चामल,दाल,तरकारी सबै छन् तर पनि होटल बन्द छ । के गर्नु ? “मेस (क्यान्टिन) पनि चल्न अझै एक हप्ता लाग्छ होला, कता जाने यार ?” अर्को साथीले पनि थप्यो । “मेस मा चाँही कसरी खान पाइन्छ होला र ! मेस चामल,दाल,तरकारी भएर मात्र चल्ने हैन क्या’र, मेस चलाउन पनि ग्यास र मट्टितेल चाहीयो नि !” – मैले भनेँ । “त्यही त भन्या”, अघिसम्म मौन बसेको अर्को साथी बोल्यो ।

क्याम्पस को वरिपरि यस्तै करिब १ दर्जन होटलहरु छन् तर अधिकांश होटलहरु बन्द छन् । क्याम्पस को क्यान्टिन पनि सञ्चालन मा छैन (करीब १ महिना अघि नै बन्द भएको हो) । होटल कुनै संघ,संगठन र मजदुर ले बन्द गरेको नभै,होटल ग्यास र मट्टितेल को अभाव मा बन्द भएका हुन् । होस्टल मा बस्ने मात्र न’भै क्याम्पस मा आउने सबै शिक्षक तथा विद्यार्थीहरुको खाना खाने ठाँऊहरू बन्द छन् । वरिपरि रहेका १ दर्जन होटलहरुमा …

de gleanerThe reality of my life
Is the cruelty to my wife
Yes, I killed her with a knife
And I hit her with my club
Until unless she sob
And became pale yellow red
I wished to see her dead
Because I was slowly fed
And had to wait for long in bed
Then I stroked on her head
And kicked her to the damp shed.

Now in this city ride
She cried and I tried to hide
Because my poor guide
Knew it was a crime
Against the regime who sent
Those policemen to my rent
Oh no! My hands were bent
By them who took me to the jail
My attempt to get bailed failed
Yes failed because this was my time
To pay for my crime
And now for my Goddess Wife I hymn
And expect you wife-hitters to rhyme.
(Ishan has written this poem when he read "The Savage Male")

होस्टलमा हिजो बिहान आएँ , मतलब मेरो एकदिन होस्टल मा बित्यो अर्थात मेरो होस्टल जीवन को पहिलो दिन हिजो थियो । होस्टल मा सामान,काठमाडौँबाट कसरी ल्याउने भन्ने चिन्ता मलाई परेको थियो । त्यसैले एकपटक जडिबुटी मा ट्याक्सीलाई सोधेको थिँए , धुलिखेल केयु जान कति लाग्छ ? ड्राइभरले १ हजार मात्रै हो,भन्यो । म झस्के , अनि आफ्नो बाटो लागेँ । तर सामान त जसरी भएपनि लानै पर्छ , होस्टल मा ।
धेरै सोचियो, के गर्ने । केयु एक त नौलो ठाँउ फेरि केयु झन्डै १ किलोमिटर भित्र छ , अरनिको राजमार्ग बाट । त्यहाँ (वनेपा) सम्म सामान त सजिलै लान सकिन्छ बस बाट नै, त्यसपछि ??? उफ् ,साह्रै गाह्रो होला जस्तो छ । जे होला, सोही टर्ला भन्ने मानसिकता बनाँए , अनि सामान (झोला-झाम्टा) काठमाडौँ-धुलिखेल चल्ने बसबाट बनेपा को सालिकचोक मा ओरालेँ ।
भदौ को महिना पानी सिमसिम परिरहेको छ । मन मा कता-कता डर लागिरहेको छ , सामान कसरी लाने ? गुन्टा-झोला खलासीले बसबाट झिकेर त्यही हिलो भुँइ मा राख्दिसकेको छ । झोला गुन्टा भुँइ मा राखिसकेपछि , म कसैलाई कुरेझैँ गरी घडि हेर्दै यता र उता गर्न थालेँ किनभने बनेपा चोक मा भएका मान्छेहरुले मलाई नै हेरिरहेको ज…

Enjoy valentine's day with "Prakat" dai's,gajal. Click on Image for larger view.

Images taken from, Saptahik.

Sometime, online chat gives pleasure,and although it has no specific meaning.After a long gap I've met Prakash Online & have some chit-chat with him.Somewhere I found it funny,something interesting and some reality.So,I've posted this post,which is a online chat between me and my friend Prakash.I don't know what do you think ? But I've posted it here.And lastly,I've said that I'll gonna post this online chat in my blog.He says, Ok it's not a problem,but it will be a different post among your blog posts.......He it.....

aakar: hello
prakash: hello buddy
aakar: ke 6 khabar?
prakash: diesel ko mulya bridhi firta bhayisakyo.des ma chunab ko chahal pahal sangai
aparadhik ghatana pani badhdo chha..ani hamro tolma mobile
lutera ko bigbigi chha aru k khabar bhanu yaar?
aakar: haHHhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I can't contral my laughter mobile lutera
prakash: not so fuuny yaar timilai baisa chadyo jasto chha
yesto sensible kura ma hasne??

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