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First of all I want to thank you for sending me your write-up. Its just excellent in logic and the reality in some instances. I'm also thankful for you as I got a new friend. Let us be good friends. We nepali should be united to make our motherland prosperous. In 1998 August, i have been in Vienna for 10 days. So a little bit i know your city.

Our country is going through very tough time in her history, so all this tormoil is like"labour pain" before a child borns. But we should be very careful about commual harmony. Personally I have many Madhesi friends and i never felt and feel anything agaist them. But there are some, with thier own plans and intensions, who can do harm to our country knowingly or accidently. My all writings and efforts are directed against them. So as the agenda of "single madhes" also. Please think: if i believe that the whole Terai is full of Madhesi(hypothesis) with no Pahade, no Tharu and others, even then what is the logic of …

speaking broken language:

Recently there was an especial press conference amidst budget of the fiscal year 2065 organized at one of the corner of valley. Our finance minister was incessantly explaining the causes of the budget crashes accrediting to the numerous political chaos. He was giving his best explanations to escape from the various accusation and cross-questions put forwarded by different constituent assembly members.

With his despotic position of finance minister, he was utmost liberal in bombarding Nepali and English statement at a time to prove his explanations perfect and ideal. His cultural value for the Nepali language he was using was far deviating from his optimism towards the future prospect of Nepali budget. It was quite sarcastic to hear from a responsible leader of nation such inappropriate decoration of Nepali statements with his broken English just to give the bitter flavor of his obsession towards his native economic progress.
This is just the example of the naked…

This is an IT Park of Nepal, which is situated at Banepa Kavre.

यो वनेपा, काभ्रे मा रहेको आइटि पार्क हो । करोडौँ को लगानि मा बनेको यो घर प्रयोग विहिन अवस्था मा छ । आवश्यक सबै पुर्वाधारहरु भएको भए पनि सरकार को लापरवाही का कारण यो पार्क सञ्चालन मा आउन सकेको छैन । यदि यो पार्क सञ्चालन मा आउने हो भने सयौँ ले रोजगारी पाउनुको साथै देश ले पनि कम्प्युटर प्रविधी को क्षेत्रमा ठूलो उपलब्धि हासिल गर्ने थियो ।

-Mr. Ramesh Nepali

Some two or three months back, one of my friends called me. What I knew about him is the fact that some 4-5 years back he was a successful businessman.In that phone call he told me that due to the grave situation in the country, his business has totally failed.” Dhoti na Topi Vaiyoni, Mitra" he told in conclusion.I assured him with some words of consolation and promised to help as much as possible. From that day this Nepali proverb-"Dhoti na Topi Hunu" is always ringing inside my ears and striking my brain.

Suddenly, yesterday I found that this proverb is the most patriotic, the most nationalist and the most unifying proverb among all proverbs in Nepali. "Dhoti" is the symbol of "Madhesi" and "Topi" is the symbol of "Pahade".

Practically, nowadays we wear neither dhoti nor topi, but we all wear shirts and pants without any topi. Now I'm so pleasantly surprised to think that how could our people make such a grea…

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दशैँ तिहार - देउसी भैलो:

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देशभक्ति गितहरु / Deshbhakti 

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