What’s happening on Kathmandu University? [PICTURES]

Two weeks had already passed, but still I haven’t seen any sign of re-opening of Kathmandu University (KU).

Image195Instead of dialog, all responsible parties/groups are busy in releasing Press Release. Seems, Neither KU Administration is taking this issue seriously nor protestors. And as a result, KU has been padlocked since 18days and 1700+ students are suffering from this. I've not heard of any kind of dialog between KU administration and protestors. It’s too pathetic that concerned authorities are not taking this issue seriously. Didn’t they know that, KU has been padlocked since from 18 days and we are in semester system?

On 2nd March Students affiliated to UCPN-Maoist shutdown KU by posting Press release on behalf of their student wings saying, “election procedures is biased”.

ku strikeAfter 3 days, on 5th March KU published an Urgent Notice in National Daily ‘Kantipur’ by saying, ‘if protestors will not open KU, then KU will take necessary action’ as a response to Students affiliated to UCPN-Maoist.

ku press releaseBut protesting group, Students affiliated to UCPN-Maoist did not called off their strike. At that time, I’ve heard that KU administration was talking with UCPN-Maoist Student Leaders. And it is believed that, after dialog with UCPN-Maoist student leaders, KU has reached to the conclusion to dismiss the election results. Then again, KU has released a notice by saying, ‘election was suspended’.

ku paper noticeAfter a 2nd notice of Kathmandu University, Students affiliated to UCPN-Maoist  called off their strike. But at the same time, elected Student Welfare Council (SWC) released a press statement saying, ‘KU should take their  decision back of suspending election’. They also blamed that, ‘KU was politically biased to Students affiliated to UCPN-Maoist and its unacceptable’.

ku noticeThen, newly elected SWC shutdown KU by asking KU Administration to ‘take the decision back’. As a consequences KU was padlocked and again Students were suffered.

Meanwhile another student group arise with peaceful signature campaign like "Re-opening Kathmandu University" to give pressure on KU and protestors to re-open University.


Image190But no-one has listened their voice. Both KU Admin and Protestors are acting like deaf, they seems to be relaxed in this ‘re-opening’ issue.

Few days ago, locals  have also asked to reopen KU by issuing a press statement. In a statement they have given ultimatum to reopen KU otherwise they are going to  shutdown KU again.

localI don’t know when, KU will reopen, but I’m seeing new press releases and press statements released  everyday by various groups & parties on Notice Board.


These places used to be crowded all the time.


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  1. khoi k ho desh ra student union ko chala. Do you think these students who close the university are real studetns? I don't think they are, they admit there for politics and i think university should have rights to rusticate such studetns and make them not be able to get admitted to any university.