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When Will KU Re-Open? #ku #strike #shutdown

By Shekhar KC,DSC03798

Nowadays, here at Kathmandu University (KU), Dhulikhel, silence has taken precedence over peace. The grumbles and frustrations among the majority of students is about to burst like Tsunami that recently hit Japan.

Two weeks has passed since KU has been padlocked by few politically motivated students (which can be counted in fingers) and triggered by "non-visionary and short sighted" officials of KU Election Committee, the possibility of re-opening KU is becoming hazier and hazier.

More than 1700 Students pursuing their career in intermediate to Post-graduated level, especially of that final semester, are worried as the level of surety of their timely graduation is about to collapse sooner or later.

KU has always been boasting of its excellent academic records, being politically free university as one of its key USP (Unique Selling Point). Hardly one will find any students who didn't admit in KU despite getting their name published after attending entrance exam. The glory, the honor glows from the face of every student when he/she receives his/her graduation after his/her memorable four years of learning. If current havoc KU is undergoing didn't heal in time, I doubt I will have any honor and glory left in me to reveal in my graduation this September. DSC03796When one try to dig out the real cause of the current muddle prolonging since 1 March 2011, one will sense the tip of guilt already pointing towards the officials of SWC (student welfare Council) election committee who represent KU administration. Their "Big Brother" (there were armed police force inside the election hall) tendency has invited this havoc; I can arguably claim it though I don't have sufficient premises to draw any kind of such nasty conclusion that favors neither KU administration nor my academic results.

On the Election Day i.e 1 March 2011 Tuesday, I heard, everything went fine for the post of Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-president and other working committee members but the post of President became the bone of contention for the student representatives. In the first round of election, the two of the three candidates racing for the President post, garnered equal votes (each 19).

Hurriedly, the election officials, based on the current election guidelines issued by KU administration, notified the CRs (Class representatives) that the president will be appointed through the "gola pratha". Instantly the CRs opposed the "gola pratha" method and proposed the re-election for the most awaited President post. CRs even collected signatures which summed to 28 (clear majority) in the support for re-election but the election officials ignored the students mandate for the re-election and sticked to the "Gola pratha".

One candidate, the name I don't know (even I had known I wouldn't have typed here) was appointed for the post as the outcome of that "gola pratha" during which other students affiliated to different political parties were already out of the hall. They protested the election procedures terming it "biased" and padlocked the KU administration building followed by posting Press release on behalf of their student wings affiliated to UCPN-Maoist. DSC03797After one week of table talk, KU administration and protesting party agreed on the formation of Neutral Investigation Committee and the KU was padlock-free. In no time, the winning panel, showing their dissatisfaction with the agreement demanded KU administration to dismiss the "one-sided" agreement and legitimize the freshly formed SWC committee, padlocked KU again.

DSC03799The problem which took off during election misunderstanding has been treading through the appointment of the Registrar of the University in the third week of indefinite KU strike. Recently I heard that there is a separate Umbrella act which regulates all the University of Nepal including KU. That means the "Bidhan" of Kathmandu University if in any case happen to contradict with any points in the regulations issued under that "Umbrella act" than the former will be void. In other words, if the students in TU can freely tag themselves with certain political affiliation, than the same applies for KU too and KU can't take any action against such political inclination. It might be sad news for other students, me too, who don't want to see any kind of politically motivated activities within premises of KU.

The story seems to take a disastrous mode when Kathmandu University's important positions like VC, Registrar, Administrator, Examination Controller etc will be appointed merely on the political basis as it has been happening in Tribhuvan University. That means, before the students of KU have sufficient time to get used to the name of these important University dignitaries, these heroes will have already been posted to different post of other universities following the change in government leadership which is certainly not a new fact in Nepal. TU and PU students has been bearing such circumstances for ages and its seems like the turn of KU students has eventually arrived. Personally I am not ready for that, are you?  DSC03804I have always opposed the idea of taking affiliation to any kind of Nepalese political parties which never seem to stick to their philosophical codes. Neither I possess that 'gut' to forcefully suggest anyone to avoid any kind of political inclination because that invites the never-ending arguments (which are often violent) filled with the vague words like political rights and freedom. I hate political debates because they can be turned to any side. People involved in such debate rarely call their self-righteousness before drawing any kind of controversial conclusions. But then I also believe that the act of spilling vulgar words and throwing arid stares to the politically motivated students, especially in KU where the number is significantly low, doesn't go inline with the moral codes of humanity and the Law as well.

There are certain advantages drawn by politically inclined students when they conduct politically motivated unruly activities (PMUA) like padlocking KU in this case. The list of the activities like padlocking, protest, table talk, causalities, press releases, media reports regarding their involvement in PMUA etc becomes the basis, the strength of these students (for ease imagine three KU students or candidate for the post of SWC president affiliated to three different parties) to get political appointment in the executive post of different government-owned office like I said, the appointment of VC, Registrar etc in KU in near future. If the few students' hunger for those advantages takes precedence over the future of more than 1700 students of KU, then personally I won't suggest any KU students to act with political motivation. If something has considerably more cons relatively less pros, I believe it's against ones wisdom to adopt it.

Kathmandu University Administration has been successful in great extent to suppress such protest in past due to its bizarre strategy of remaining silent rather than initiating the dialogue procedure and any other constructive efforts. Most of the time when such protest and padlock cases appears, KU administration waits for the vulnerable rift to be appeared within students that facilitate KU administration to dismiss such protest and resume the University's normal daily hours. But this time, that strategy doesn't seem to favor KU administration because the power of KU which lay in KU "Bidhan" earlier has been decentralized regarding the implementation of "Umbrella Act" which guides all Universities of Nepal equally.

Despite the hazy possibility of KU resuming its normal daily hours, I have no other option other than to pray for the success of the peaceful signature campaign like "Re-opening Kathmandu University" currently being initiated by small groups politically free KU students.


Still, there lies a million dollar question ahead of thousands of KU family and the concerned community: Will KU re-open?

(Writer is a 4th year Media Studies Student, at Kathmandu University)


  1. The registrar and VC, i am talking about are visionary and very different from those "politically photogenic faces" of TU administration. KU is an exceptional case where your general anticipations intended for the betterment of university doesn't apply. I know "Equal opportunity public University" and i also know "political rights" we have been studying since secondary level. Street-centric politics adopted by the few politically motivated students is certainly not a political rights. Who did they ask before padlocking KU? Were they ever concerned about whether majority of KU students agreed on padlocking KU, they wouldn't have adopted such cheap and filthy steps.
    Do you expect me to support SWC students members who padlocked KU recently? certainly not. Instead i would like to throw a big boooo to them. Shame on them, who are secured under the roof of their political backup and want to ruin KU well running normal daily hours. They might think - who cares?? but shit on their mind !!
    In such background why i shouldn't support VC and registrar? I should have supported my friends (politically motivated) with whom i wake up and sleep, play together in BOys hostel.
    Since, whatever incumbent VC and REgistrar and other administrators of KU had done, they have been prooved excellent for the future of the students and over all KU family even LOcals.
    so i still stick to the point (as you said- biased) that VC,Registrar have inborn right to do whatever they want. And i do admit that i am biased, but that is also for the betterment of 2000 students, and eventually for the betterment of the country i believe.
    (Thanks for your comment that has triggered me to write more and more..)

  2. Sekhar,,,Its your misunderstanding that I am intended to teach you the meaning of Political right.Everyone knows it and no questions being a student of MS you wouldn't.Could have appreciated your article more had you enlightened the hidden facts (albeit needs more study in depth which you can't do if you are not ready to accept there could be flipped side of coin in different color).You never looked dark side of KU dignitaries that's why I am saying biased.At the moment KU needs Media(you can play one) play buffering role not the provoking.You cannot overlook the how the decision made by KU administration to dismiss the election result(official one) exacerbated the situation giving it more political color.Appreciate your effort though.

  3. Informative but you gotta do something about your grammar! And while the closure of KU is significant to us students at KU, comparing it with the Tsunami or KU opening being a million dollars question is really really immature, dude!

  4. Sachai nai KU laai ni yi neta bhanauda haru le bigarne bhaye khattam...

  5. i guess ku ma banda garaune bhanda bhanda na hos bhanne students haru dher holan, so k herera basira.. tyo banda garune haru lai laat hanera college bata nikala na... afai le kehi garda matra huncha.. tyo bhitta ma reopen ku bhanerea kehi hune bela chaina,, hami nepali haru "laato ke bhoot" haru hum.. "baato se" kehi hune bala chaina.. jau kta kt haru kehi action leu.. admin le sure support garcha :)

  6. katai pani na6adne bhae ...tiniharule ....
    aafno adhikaar ko kura garda aruko adhikaar ko bewastha barnu kaha sammko nyay ho ??

  7. @Asdf: खुकुरीको चोट अचानोलाई मात्र थाहा हुन्छ नि सर ।

  8. Very very immature speculation.Everyone is lobbying to reopen KU but the question is in expense of what.Somewhere you mentioned the efficiency of KU administration to nullify similar protests in past but the problem is KU administration has used both student factions as well as Locals for its interest in past and now it can't go rigidly with either.Otherwise be adamant to whatever is written in KU Bidhan and go for amendment for next time if needed.To take the election result back was immature decision by KU administration.They utilized this situation to extend the Registrar's term.I think that will give this more political color.Have anyone realized how much political lobbying have KU VC and Registrar done to extend their tenure?Politics starts from there.The difference is they do it invisibly.

  9. @personally i believe that KU VC and Registrar and all those dignitaries that set the foundation of the University has that inborn right to do whatever they want to make the University's image better and future of the student even better.
    Perhaps before you point your critical eyes towards VC and Registrar, why don't talk about few politically motivated KU students whose future is already safe due to their political family bakcground? You know what if i was bhooot , first i would teach them lessions while they were sleeping? laat hanera KU dekhi nikalthey..yeti masanga tyo power bhayeko bhaye...10 jana rajniti garne bidhyarthi le 2000 jana studentko future jokhim ma rakhne ...its too risuthne kura...makes my blood boil..

  10. Guys, don't just watch and wait! Do something now. You might have enjoyed bandh for few days. But, you can't remain enjoying all the time. You guys are there to study and gain knowledge. You have paid fees to get taught and to get environment to study and build your career. Those students who are politically motivated and are under secure roof of the political parties are ruining around 2000 students' career. I know they are really very few in number. So, you guys are great in number too. Gather mass of the students who are really there for pursuing education and break those locks. You guys are in majority and you have right to study without any political barrier. So, you can do it. Don't just watch and wait.

    Like signature campaigns have already started, you guys have power to re-open KU. Break all the locks pad-locked by the unwanted and unsocial students of KU. Re-open KU. If you feel insecure doing that, demand for police security (though they are also governed by political parties) from nearest Police station. Re-open KU as soon as possible. If KU Administration is just doing nothing and the students who are not there to study are ruining around 2000 students' career and future, then it is you( about 2000 students who are really pursuing education in KU) to forcefully Re-Open KU. Political parties will always ruin everything. They are playing with country and playing with the youths of the nations too.

    "Political leaders and parties, don't just dare to ruin students' future with your ill, sick and selfish motives".

    Act Now Guys!! It's time for real act. Show the selfish political leaders and their linked students ( not students in fact) how strong is power of the politically free students. Let's prove We students are far more powerful than those who are under protection of the mentally sick political leaders and parties.

    Let's Re-Open KU. Let's make KU free of dirty political motives and politically protected students!!

    Re-Open KU. It's Time to Do it!!

    (My Best Wishes to those who are acting for Re-Opening KU)

  11. Sekhar ji,,,You are absolutely right in the sense that for the sake of few politically motivated students the future of hundreds of the students should not be put in dark but my concern is in the name of this visible political stir other politics which are prevalent inside should not be overlooked.And I disagree with you as you said VC,Registrar have inborn right to do whatever they want....rubbish can't write such an biased comment as a column writer.Of course they can do for the betterment of KU but they should not forget KU is "Equal opportunity public University".KU will be there even if they pass away but what kind of successors they are leaving?They have established never ending scar of favoritism which is engulfing KU for long and it will ultimately ruin KU's future.Be neutral if you write any column or stop doing it.


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म र ऊ - एउटा अनलाइन भेट [कथा]

“तिमी को हो?” मेरो प्रश्न थियो! उसले भनी, “खुशी” । “को खुशी”, मैले सोधेँ ! “ह्या, कस्तो नचिन्या होला? म खुशी के ! रहर, छायाँ, खुशी जे भने नि म नै हो के”, उसको जवाफ ! “ए, तिमी पो, कता हराकी थियौ? अब के भनौँ त तिमीलाई उसोभए?” “जे भने नि हुन्छ!” “उसोभए म खुशी भन्छु है”, मैले भनेँ ! उसले हुन्छ भन्ने जनाउ दिन, आँखा सन्काइ र लेखी “हे हे” । कुरा यसरी नै सुरु भएको थियो च्याटमा ! च्याटमा को सँग कुरा गरिरहेछु, आफैँलाई पत्तो छैन, न पहिले च्याट गरिएको थियो, न भेट नै गरिएको थियो । ट्विटरमा नाम परिवर्तन गरिरहने ऊसँग ट्विटरमा आक्कल झुक्कल कुरा गरिने भएपनि उनको ‘म्यासेज’ पहिलोपल्ट च्याटमा अकस्मात आइपुगेको थियो ! म उनको बारेमा प्रस्ट हुन सकिरहेको थिँइन ! अत: फेरि सोधेँ, “यो खुशी को हो?” मेरो प्रश्नले, उसले आफू दुखित भएको जनाउ दिन लेखी “:(” “हैन किन यति रिङ्ग्याएको मलाई”, मैले सोधेँ । “नाम मे क्या रखा है? ;)”, उसको जवाफ ! “नाममा धेरै कुरा राख्या छ हजुर, चिन्नु त पर्यो नि, आफू कोसँग कुरा गर्दैछु भनेर”, मैले भनेँ ! “पिक द नेम, तिम्लाई जुन मन पर्छ त्यही राख”, उसले मलाई नाम छान्ने अधिकार दिई ।

BarCamp Kathmandu 2011 on 6th August #barcampktm

An ad-hoc ‘un-conference’ BarCamp is being organized on 6 th August at Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) Jawalakhel, Lalitpur Nepal. BarCamp is a common ground for like-minded people. It is about change and innovation. BarCamp is a free event, which means everyone is invited. It is participant driven program where discussions are not limited to just one topic, but a wide range of topics. BarCamp offers a favorable environment for young, motivated and talented people to interact. More importantly, it is where ideas get shared, created and advanced. This is not a formal gathering of black suits but an intense camp for those who strive to achieve. “We believe BarCamp Kathmandu 2011 will be a great opportunity to network with likeminded people and interact with potential customers, clients, and maybe even competitors! If you plan to reach out to the young and motivated in Nepal, this is the place to do it” , according to BarCamp Kathmandu 2011 Organizing Committee. The who

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