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Volunteering will give you much satisfaction : Prajwal Baral

United Nations को कार्यक्रम United Nations Volunteers (UNV) बाट नेपाली विद्यार्थी प्रज्वल बराल ले "Online Volunteering Award 2009" जितेका छन् । गएको शुक्रबार UNV ले Online Volunteering Award 2009 को घोषणा गरेको हो । UNV का अनुसार शान्ति र विकास का लागि अनलाइन भोलियन्टियरिङ गर्ने उत्कृष्ट भोलियन्टियरहरुलाई यो अवार्ड प्रदान गरिएको हो ।

यस विषयमा गएको डिसेम्बर ५ को अनलाइन संस्करण मा ईकान्तिपुर लेख्छ: Online volunteer Prajwal Baral attracted people to run in the Sunfeast World 10K Bangalore Marathon 2009, to raise funds for the Indian NGO New Life. It said that Baral helped New Life raise awareness and a considerable amount of new funds for its projects such as medical assistance to children with disabilities and early learning centres for the children of vulnerable groups coordinating an effective internet marketing campaign.

यसै मेसो मा United Nations Volunteers (UNV) को 'Online Volunteering Award 2009' जित्न सफल पहिलो नेपाली प्रज्वल बराल सँग हामी ले ईमेल अन्तरवार्ता गरेका थियौँ । प्रस्तुत छ, प्रज्वल सँग गरिएको अन्तरवार्ता:

1.) How did you feel, when you knew that you have been awarded 'Online Volunteering Award 2009'?
I was just back from my dinner when I saw an email from United Nations,saying "We are very pleased to inform you that you have been selected as one of the winners of the UNV Online Volunteering Award 2009!". I was so happy that I began dancing with delight.Later when I came to know that I was the 1st Nepalese to get United Nations Online Volunteering Award,I just went on calling and informing my friends and relatives till I was depleted with my mobile balance.

2.) How did you enrol in this volunteering program?
Actually, what happens is "Organisations from all over the world post their tasks in the United Nations Online Volunteering website and we need to apply for the particular opportunity which interests us". I found the task of promotion and fundraising for the Indian NGO-New Life quite challenging and applied for it.Luckily,I got selected and I was made co-ordinator for that task.25 volunteers were under me and I had to guide all of them. Our team was very succesful in raising the funds.

3.) Had you ever dreamed about this award? Were you confident/sure?
No.Never. I had not even started this volunteering task dreaming of the award.I just found the task of Indian NGO-New Life challenging and applied for it to gain some knowledge in this field. But the NGO director was so impressed with my skills that he nominated me for the award.Literally,I was shocked with surprise when I got the email mentioning I got the award along with others.

4.) What is your idea about Online Volunteering ? (Your experience about Volunteering.)
Whenever you are free and have nothing else to do, you can do online volunteering.It is an excellent tool to improve your skills and serve the society sitting in a room.So,according to me,online volunteering gives you as much satisfaction as the field work does.Online volunteering is no less valuable than field volunteering and other social works. Just imagine,you are helping the disadvantaged parts of the society by just sitting in front of your computer.Just gear up and start it.It is all I want to say.

5.) What are you doing right now ?
I am doing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication at Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology,Madhya Pradesh,India under the scholarship provided by Govt. of India. I have recently completed my 5th semester.So,I have 1.5 years more to become an engineer.

6.) Anything you want to say?
I just want to say that online volunteering will give you much satisfaction in your life because you will be indirectly helping the marginalised sectors of the society.So,just start it.

Prajwal Baral's Affilation:
1. The founding president at Work Together Nepal (WTN), a NGO working for environmental conservation in Nepal
2. The president at Worldwide Nepalese Students' organisation-India, the India chapter of WNSO worldwide. WNSO has chapters in 21 different countries.
3. Joint Treasurer at Lions Club of Kathmandu Horizon
4. The founding co-convener at Go Green Forum, the eco club in his university.
5. The individual member of World Student Community for Sustainable Development,Switzerland.
6. The executive member at Students' Council in his university.
7. Actively involving in SAYEN (South Asia Youth for Environment Education)

Aakar Post Team wishes him luck in every step of his life. Cheers !


  1. great work dude. you are the pride of Nepal

  2. I am also happy to hear this.

    Congratulations to Prajwal Baral!!

  3. congratulation to Prajwal and thanks to Akar for such a wonderful news for us.

  4. He has been doing a lot in this field... he deserves it... we can find very less people like hin nowadays... Nepal and the whole world need more heroes like him. he's gonna be one of the braves who will lead Nepal and Nepali to peak..........

  5. You made MANIT proud dude! Hearty Congratulations

  6. Congrat pal U made us feel proud

  7. Nepalese are intelligent inborn, this has been proved by Mr Baral,,its agreat news for us all,,u move on we are always after you in each and every step.

    I hope the future leadership of Nepal will be offered to such good persons who are contributing a lot to the country even staying outside the country.We are all proud of you and would like to ask you to directly come to the mainstream civil society of Nepal.Nepal needs hard social workers like you.
    -Shuv Raj Neupane,
    NIT Warangal India

  8. gud job prajjwol...

  9. GOOD JOB indeed... This surely makes all the nepalese proud... And also encourages us with the idea of volunteering... Continue the good work...

  10. hey buddy ......congrats for ur achievements and all d best for ur future ahead in the field of social works............

  11. That's a very inspiring effort, congratulations and keep up the good work

  12. great job and congratulations to Prajwal Baral

  13. o great yar, congratulations for this award.

  14. what a great achievement...!!! congratulation prajwal baral....winning of this award makes we nepalese feel proud. when i came 2 knew that these daz he is studying in india but besides his study contributing towards volunteering work upto this much limit is not a small thing for an ordinary person.he must b extraordinary.i would like to meet such an extraordinary person. i think he is the the person who can lead the future of nepal.nepal needs social worker like him.
    keep this dedication on prajwal.we are always ready to help you in each and every steps..
    good luck.....

    Avinash Jha

  15. maile bhanna chaheka kura sabai saathiharule khali yeti bahnchu prajwallai badhai ra dherai dherai subhakamana.........
    suresh Jyotipunja

  16. Congratulations Prajwal.. u r inspirational!!! Good luck in your endeavours and wish u success...

    Alok Jaiswal
    IGIB, New Delhi

  17. Congratulations To Our Country...
    We need more of such men who can inspire people to be active and get out from their couches..
    good message to sleeping dogs of our nation.


  18. Congrats Prajwal
    Keep it up...

  19. Congrats Prajwal
    Keep it up...

  20. I am also happy to hear this.

    Congratulations to Prajwal Baral!!

  21. You made MANIT proud dude! Hearty Congratulations


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नेपाली टाइप गर्ने सजिलो तरिका

मदन पुरस्कार पुस्तकालयले  २००७  २००३-४ ताका नेपाली युनिकोड किबोर्ड लेआउट, रोमनाइज्ड र ट्रेडिसनल सार्वजनिक गर्यो । नेपाली टाइपिङ (ट्रेडिसनल) जान्दै नजान्ने (कहिले नेपाली टाइप नगरेको) मैले, मदन पुरस्कार पुस्तकालयले सार्वजनिक गरेको रोमनाइज्ड नेपाली युनिकोड किबोर्ड लेआउट कम्प्युटरमा राखेर पहिलो पटक कम्प्युटरमा नेपाली भाषामा लेखेँ । यसविचमा कम्प्युटर तथा मोबाइलको लागि धेरै किसिमका नेपाली किबोर्ड लेआउट तथा एप्सहरु आइसकेकाछन्, तर पनि इन्टरनेट प्रयोगकर्ताहरु नेपाली टाइप गर्नुपर्दा अप्ठ्यारो मान्छन् । मलाई धेरैले सोध्ने गरेको प्रश्न भनेको, "फेसबुकमा कसरी नेपाली टाइप गर्ने?" अत: यो ब्लगमा मदन पुरस्कार पुस्तकालय (मपुपु) ले निर्माण गरेको नेपाली युनिकोड किबोर्ड लेआउट बारे चर्चा गर्दैछु। प्रिती, कान्तिपुर लगायतका 'ट्रु टाइप फन्ट' (ttf) प्रयोग गरेर ट्रेडिसनल लेआउटमा नेपाली टाइप गर्ने प्रयोगकर्ताहरुले, नेपाली ट्रेडिसनल युनिकोड किबोर्ड लेआउट राखेर, इन्टरनेटमा सजिलै सँग नेपालीमा लेख्न सक्छन् । भन्नुको मतलब, तपाईलाई पहिले नै नेपाली टाइपिङ आउँछ भने टाइपिङ गर्ने तरिका उही हुन्छ, उही &q

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