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Computer Virus ? No Problem

I know, sometime you face lot of problem due to Computer Virus. And you most have installed some kind of Anti virus to protect your computer. But If you have Linux as your operating system, then you have no problem with Computer Virus.hehehe...

But what could be done when Antivirus Says like this:
"WARNING !!! This Computer is INFECTED with some virus. We try to kill and remove it but failed. So, yo must find and kill it manually."

This warning is shown by Kaspersky Antivirus in one of my friend's computer. I was shocked when I saw this warning. We install Antivirus to Protect our computer form Virus , but Antivirus says, Find and Kill manually. How funny...hahaha. If we know this is virus and we have to remove ourself, then why we have to pay for Antivirus like this.

So, If your computer is attacked by virus, don't need to scan them using Antivirus. Just find and delete yourself hehehe...


  1. Really to kill virus manually...what kind of anti-virus is that....hehee....

  2. Ha ha ha
    yes, there are few 'utorun viruses' which can be easily 'killed' manually. But what is this .....???

    I had a notion that Kaspersky Antivirus was very good anti virus...but....

    Sometimes similar kinds of messages are also generated by other anti virus softwares, but in that case at least they will tell you the name and/or location of virus.

    Here it says "you must find and kill it manually." Really funny !

  3. some times file wont delete at that time HijackThis and it will delete the file after restart when we delete the file with this software. you can download it from

  4. Hello,
    "This warning is shown by Kaspersky Antivirus in one of my friend's computer".

    A very good suggestion might be to use KAV or KIS 2010 edition. I have been using it since it was NOT yet a public release and in beta phase. So, virtually saying this is a genuine copy of KAV but even without the key.

    So, will I make a mistake if I say "I am using a genuine KIS 2010 that requires no registrations".

    So, there is NULL problem rate with it, even no manual work to be done. However, manual case might occur (internal intricacies). Check for your trial to KIS 2010.

    You can even purchase KIS 2010 for as low as Rs 1200 (bargain rate- keep it secret) from

  5. you are very mistaken......that message is not shown by kaspersky is shown by an application called "autorun killer" that is used to disable the autorun worms that come in USB and CD/DVD drives!! the message dat u've metioned is shown only in case when the computer is already infected beforehand......since the application isnt an is not powerful enough to handle viruses!!
    on d other hand.....kaspersky is one of d best free anti-virus out has very good reviews on the internet!! plzz research properly before writing this kind of misinforming posts!!

  6. @Grunge may i've never seen such type of msg in any computer, which has so called best antivirus...and as you have mention, its not the best free anti-virus...

  7. haha bro.....ekchoti afaile lekhya padhera hera!! wat i said was dat message is not from anti-virus software....its from another application called "autorun killer"! and i said one of d best......not d best!! ramro sanga padhnu paryo ani blog lekhne manche le negative comments lai positively herne baani basalnu paryo!
    lastly, i dont know wat ur credentials are regarding tech but i'll stick to internet tech gurus' views abt kaspersky!!

  8. yeah, m too following tech gurus views... every antivirus called themselves or tech gurus says best in some aspect... bt m nt interested in this kaspersky...

    anyway, i got ur point.... thanks bro ... :)


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