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Lolita Review

Listen To Full Episode of Lolita.

Lolita, one of the most controversial novel written by Vladimir Nabokov explores the human feelings and emotions amid age, sex and of course relationships. A girl's development of sexuality and a man's rise and fall in love and sex is shown so much easily and nicely. Lolita was written at the time of the steady development of sexual life in European / English society. The sophisticated lives of European people in the century have been highly criticized for the sexual life, extra martial affairs, adultery, and cuckoldry. Lolita is the beau of the European society.

During the 18th and 19th century man was supposed to be god's creation. It was the biblical view. At the end of the 19th century there came philosophers' like Marx, Freud and Darwin. These three philosophers changed the bourgeois view through their theories. Sigmund Freud's theory is highly controversial. Freud considered man as a sexual being. Man's activities are always guided by sexual desires. Sexuality in man begins from the infant stage i.e. from 6 months - 2 years. Child satisfies his sexual desire by passing urine or stool and also by playing with his sexual organs and also playing with his mother's body. Slowly and gradually the child becomes mature, when child becomes teenager he satisfies his sexual desire through day dream, fancy imagination or thoughts or even masturbation. Child always plays with the mother's body as the sexual pleasure. However mother belongs to father. Child is separated from mother by father and then child being angry wants to kill the father and marry the mother. This is regarded as Oedipus (for a male) / Electra (for female) complexes...

Lolita begins with Humbert narrating the story who is the story who is sexually obsessed and is fantasized only by the girls of 9-14 yrs. Narrator is now imprisoned and narrating his love affair with a 12 year old girl Lolita. Humbert has his first physical encounter with Annabel at a very young age which has been the feeling that has been never dead in Humbert. Hence the age of Annabel becomes his desire. He tries to find sexual pleasure with the girls of Anna's age either having sex with them or just getting pleasure by looking at them.

Humbert marries Charlotte Haze who is the mother of Lolita, the girl with whom he falls in love with. The death of Charlotte Haze paves the way to Humbert and Lolita to be together. They become sexual partners and fulfill the huger of each other. However Lolita flees away with another character of novel. Later on Humbert when he finds her out then he kills that character and that is why he is imprisoned now.

Lolita explores that part of mind which is completely true and completely uncensored. Lolita is also a true love of a man. As Freud says desire can never be extinct. All those desires are repressed into unconscious. The repressed part comes in the form of dream. Those things which are not fulfilled in reality get fulfilled in the dream.

Nabakov in Lolita breaks the line between obscenity and morality, vulgar and civilized and sanity and insanity. We can interpret Lolita as the frank treatment of sexuality and revelation of uncensored part of human mind where the sexuality lies. Nabakov has treated "sex: as hunger. Hunger of Humbert for the girls of 9 - 14 years of age never extinguishes. The relationship of Humbert and Lolita is of Step-father and daughter in social life but however in personal life and in reality there are merely sexual partners. But their sexual relations have been derived from Humbert's love for Annabel and Lolita's developing adolescence and attraction towards sex...

The relationship of Lolita and Humbert is somehow or totally unacceptable in society. Nabakov presenting the unacceptable relationship tries to revolt against the society. Society is in mind not outside. We have internalized society in our mind. That is why we are so much guided by the social complications. Society is nothing but is a part of internalization.

We can take the instance of Lord Brahma whom we call the creator and pristine goddess Saraswati who were father and daughter and also husband and wife. Another instance of Hindu myth of marriage of 7 year old Goma and 70 year old Shiva Sharma Brahmin in Swasthani Bartakatha is accepted. The difference if ten times multiple of 7 the age of "Goma ". This has been widely accepted, no one has even spoken a word against it in our society. Our Nepali society which is so much dipped into conservation. No one ever revolted during that time or even now. I gave this instance while justifying "Lolita" to one of my friend and he told "That was in the time of God", let me remind my friend the Swasthani Bartakatha is also a fiction....

Then question comes why Lolita is unacceptable? A 12 year old girl develops with sexuality. The use of Electra complex in the novel is proved. How a 12 year old is attracted towards a middle aged man.

While concluding my personal view with Lolita is it tells us so many things related to human conscience and humanity. I found it hard and harsh....Putting my feet inside Lolita's shoe...I felt hard...being a toy for Humbert's hunger...Humbert's passion....and also his love.. It's hard but it's not unacceptable. However "Realities can be more unacceptable than fiction"

Listening Lolita

Listening Lolita was hard for the first time because of wide exposure of sexuality. But the easiness and smoothness in Achyut Dai's reading made me feel so good listening Lolita. Achyut Dai's not even for a second hesitated to read the book. Reading without awkwardness's so wonderful that it becomes addiction...Hearing becomes addiction... The voice deeply dipped into the skin of the character and full of feeling charged with such warmth and euphoria makes the listeners feel charismatic.

Hats off to Achyut dai...

Hats off to Aakar...

Download Lolita: (128kbps)
i. Lolita episode-1
ii. Lolita episode-2
iii. Lolita episode-3
iv. Lolita episode-4
v. Lolita episode-5
vi. Lolita episode-6

Download Lolita: (64kbps)

i. Lolita-1 26.4 MB
ii. Lolita-2 26.1 MB
iii. Lolita-3.mp3 2 6.2 MB
iv. Lolita-4 26.7 MB
v. Lolita-5 23.3 MB
vi. Lolita-6.mp3 28.5 MB

Download Lolita Full episode (64kbps).zip


  1. I loved the novel. This is one my favz. I read the translated version when I was just in class nine. But it was so interesting for me to read the psychology of the Humbert as presented by the writer.

  2. Well, I think our society is not that slow-witted in terms of Sex or Sexuality or whatsoever. There are many examples in front of us in the form of texts, architectures and myths, which displays human relation with sexuality. But in our modern society or rather I would say the hypocritical society; there is a kind of big 'NO' to talk about it.

    I like the literatures of B.P. Koirala, which also explores the hidden desire or depressed feelings in different social characters of our society. In fact everyone likes it, knows it but don't want to talk abt it. When growth of human body is natural, how come human feelings can be unnatural? We can see many criminal activities as the result of suppressed sexual feelings.

    ‘Lolita’ also portrays a man’s sexual desire towards relatively very young girls. I can’t say whether it is right or wrong, but I can say it is the truth to the extent that it is natural to get attracted towards opposite sex. It depends how we perceive things though.

    I really appreciate your attempt to review ‘Lolita’, one of the most controversial novel for it’s content which still creates a kind of stigma in our society. Keep it up.. :)

  3. we can't download episode 4 and 5.Why I want reason?
    Please reply
    For the same case in downloading karagar

  4. Some time, may be due to server error, there is a problem.
    But You can download all the episodes of our program. Try once again.

  5. we can't download episode 4 and 5.Why I want reason?
    Please reply
    For the same case in downloading karagar

  6. lolita ko 6th episode samma download gare tara yo colpete chaina nasakika sakiyo kina hola

  7. aakarji,namste!i tried to download LOLITA but each time only 15minutes audio downloaded of part1while it shows full at the time of download.what to do?/DINESH,BANEPA

  8. May be because of your internet speed. Try to download again.
    There is no problem with audio.


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