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Wow !!! Politics..

I have always been away from political since the very beginning I have been hearing from so many people the same thing that "Politics is the dirty game. So, this kind of surrounding made me go away from politics.

But one thing has always fascinated me, or let me say one woman, one Italian-Indian woman who leads congress in India , yes I am talking about Sonia Gandhi..."Sonia Gandhi" for me is the idol in something called politics, though I know least about her, or let me say I give a damn !! to politics. One event before five years I clearly remember because I have watched this ardently in Television.

Yes, that was Election in India before five years...Although I don't remember so many things one event for me remains unforgettable.I remember the clash whether to make Sonia Gandhi Prime Minister or not. A leader Uma Bharati I guess came up with"Hunger strike" and similarly a fake publicity seeker stood up in a car among cameras and police with a gun in his hand , saying if "Sonia Gandhi will not be Prime Minister I will kill myself".

However, Sonia Gandhi could be the Prime Minister and lead the government. But selflessly she didn't chose the Prime Ministerial post. Here I assume that she did not had the power hunger. This may be the reason that Congress is leading another five years in India.

Talking about the political scenario of our nation, currently , CPN UML is in power, few weeks back u-CPN Maoist were in power. U-CPN Maoist covered the news widely when the then Prime Minster sacked Chief of Army Staff...... It is yet to see what CPN UML will bring in news.

News , I have been involved in this since last 8 months and in every day's news and every day is a new political crisis day. I wonder why we give so much emphasis on politics in our news. Some words are very popular" consensus among political parties, the new constitution drafting and taking peace process to a logical conclusion". However, these becomes a new "bhasan" for each and every leader.....and practically nothing is done yet. Time is moving and the commitment of each leader to draft the pro-people constitution remains in veil.....

Leaders now are holding wide discussion to give the full shape to the government. They are fighting for the Ministerial posts...we saw clashes in MPRF , NC was nearly divided...and our own new Prime Minister is busy with personal stuff....News comes he transfered to Baluwatar, threw away the luxurious bed and one thing strange for a communist leader "a puja kotha being made " at Baluwatar....and in his "Bhasan" ( Speech ), the most common thing....Consensus among the political parties, the drafting of new constitution and taking the peace process to a logical conclusion.

This dramatic stage of politics reminds me... Sonia Gandhi once again....What we lack is morality I think....We lack sacrifice....We lack contribution.....We lack leaders like Sonia Gandhi....

-Sweta Baniya


  1. Wow !
    Hats of to you...

    पहिले नै Wow !!! Politcs भन्ने शिर्षक पढेर अचम्म मा परेको थिँए कारण राजनिति भनेपछि सँधै फोहोरी खेल भनेर दिमाग मा बसेको थियो । जब पढ्दै गएँ, अनि महशुश हुँदै गयो, झापड त निकै ठूलै हानिएको रहेछ, नेपाली राजनितिक दल र नेताहरुलाई ।

    सबैकुरा गर्न दिल्ली धाउने, नेताहरुले नराम्रा कुरा त धेरै सिके तर यही सोनिया गान्धि को उदाहरण भने अनुसरण गर्न सकेनन् ।

    अनि अर्को घतलाग्दो कुरा "consensus among political parties, the new constitution drafting and taking peace process to a logical conclusion" यो वाक्य सुन्दा सुन्दा मलाई नि दिक्क लागिसक्यो ।

  2. Wow Politics!! and "WOW"- your writing! for sure, conspiracies and disagreements are the major attributes of Nepali Politics- I wonder when Nepali Politics will be fair and be able to draw the youth's enthusiastic attention to itself!! All we can do is wish and pray for the best...

  3. Nice write-up Sweta. The way Sonia led Congress is very commendable. She is very clever and she has got all the quality that perhaps a leader should have.
    Well Politics is dirty but unavoidable part of our life. We can hear many ppl around us saying, "I don't like politics", "Don't talk politics it's boring", "Politics is dirty game, I'm away frm it" on and so forth. No offense, but I think they are the real fool who say it. It is like saying, 'Air is so polluted, I won't breath' or 'Water is so polluted, better I won't drink'. Well Politics is in every piece of thing around us. It is in the bread and butter we take, and Daal, Bhaat & Tarkari we eat everyday. How can someone say I'm away from Politics..? I don't know.
    One more thing, no country is perfect. If we look at the history of many developed country they all have once passed through this hardship. But is everything all right now in US or UK or Australia... Yesterday a Indian boy was killed in Aus by some racists, still color discrimination exists in so called superpower and 'perfect' America. Then what are we looking for. For that 'Utopia' or 'Ram-rajya', that exists in myths, where everything is so perfect.? Even we, a person have good and bad traits. How can politicians be exception , they are also by-product of us.
    But I'm not saying we should support them blindly. Remember we public are equally guilty as those politicians who prefer ignorance. Making nation is not as simple as making "Instant Noodles". It takes time, sometimes Lifetime. It demands high amount of courage and determination. We should act from wherever we are, by whatever we can do. It's not necessary that we should go to street and call for bandha or Chakka-Jaam.
    Remember no supernatural power or Super-Hero will come to make our country better.
    Oops I wrote a lot, got carried away.. :)

  4. Wow...such an inspiring comment kishor...
    Thnks aakar and anjali


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ट्विटरव्दारा प्रयोगकर्तालाई पासवर्ड परिवर्तन गर्न आग्रह [पडकास्ट 📻 ]

आकार पोष्ट रेडियोको पहिलो अंकमा स्वागत छ । आजको यो अंकमा ट्विटरले केही दिन पहिले पासवर्ड परिवर्तन गर्न जारी गरेको सूचनाको बारेमा कुरा गर्दैछु । के कति कारणले, ट्विटरले पासवर्ड परिवर्तन गर्न सूचना जारी गर्‍यो, तथा प्रयोगकर्ताले के कति कारणले पासवर्ड तुरुन्त परिवर्तन गर्नुपर्छ भन्ने विषयमा यो अंक केन्द्रित छ । पडकास्टको यो पहिलो अंक परिक्षणको रुपमा मोबाइलमा रेकर्ड गरेर तयार पारिएको हो । कति सकिन्छ थाहा छैन, तर यस पडकास्टलाई साप्ताहिक रुपमा सञ्चालन गर्ने मेरो योजना छ, जहाँ सूचना प्रविधिका विभिन्न पाटोहरुको बारेमा कुरा गर्नेछु । हाललाई यो पडकास्ट एन्कर एफएम तथा स्टिचर एप मार्फत सुन्न सकिन्छ । ट्विटरमा प्रयोग भएको पासवर्ड अन्य साइटहरुमा (जस्तो: फेसबुक, गुगल, दराज, सस्तोडिल, ड्रपबक्स आदि) पनि प्रयोग गरिएकोछ भने, ती साइटहरुमा पनि पासवर्ड तुरुन्त परिवर्तन गर्नुभइ, इन्टरनेटमा सुरक्षित रहनुहोला। प्रो टिप: साइटहरुमा कहिले पनि एउटै पासवर्ड प्रयोग नगर्नुहोला। — Aakar Anil (@aakarpost) May 4, 2018

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