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Nepali Heart Speaks

-Ramesh Nepali
On my last week's article, one of our friends wrote a very heartfelt comment saying that we must serve and make Nepal rather than serving and making NRNA. Our fortune or say, a series of events has made it that we now do not live in our motherland. But I know that we all, despite differences in our age and profession, despite differences in our education and wealth, everyday feel that we have to do something for our country. And I believe that we all have Nepali hearts and like a line from Dr Jugal Bhurtel's song(singer Ani Sherpa) - "wherever we go, we carry Nepal with us(Jaha Jaha Janchhau Hami, Nepal Sangai Lanchhau)". So we Nepali, even being NRNs are carrying Nepal with us in our hearts and all Nepali living outside the country as NRNs together form "Spiritual Nepal".

Our brave and rich history is not only made by the courage of Bir Bal Bhadra and Amar Singh Thapa, but Nepalis who lived and worked outside the country also had made Nepal famous by their talents, thoughts, bravity and beauty. Let us have a glimpse on those heroes and twinkling stars above the Nepalese sky.

Sita was not only a daughter of King Janak, but also the daughter of whole Mithila. Captured by her bravity and beauty, Prince of Ayodhya, Ram married her. The couple, who devoted whole their life for sacred principles of honesty, faith, truth, respect for elders made them legendary figures in Hindu religion and Sita has become symbol of "Adarsha Nari" for all Hindus.

Siddhartha Gautam was born in Nepal. The desire to search peace within himself led Siddhartha to go for the true meaning of life, gave up the luxury and worldly pleasures. After wandering many places and ultimately settling himself in Bodhgaya under a pipal tree, he became Gautam Buddha. Gautam Buddha's teachings brought tremendous spiritual vitality all over the world.

In 639 BS, the Neaplese King Amshu Varma gave in marriage his daughter Princess Vrikuti to Strong-Tsam Gambo, the ruler of China's Tibet region. After marriage ceremony, the Nepalese people went a long way to see their princess off. The event brought a regular way between Tibet and Nepal and laid a good foundation for building close relationship between China and Nepal.

Araniko (real name Balabahu) was born in 1300 BS in Kathmandu. Since he had a beautiful face like that of a woman - he had given name Araniko by the Chinese Imperor (from chinese - ara'- woman, niko' -face like). He went to China at the age of 17 upon invitation of then Mongol Imperor of China Kublai Khan to make Nepalese style Buddhist temples. He was an outstanding sculptor and architect. His work can still be seen today at the "Golden Pagoda" of Beijing. Once Kublai Khan personally tested his ability giving him to repair a broken copper statue of Imperor Sung. After seeing the perfect work by Araniko, Emperor requested him to live in China forever. Araniko had deep love for his own country Nepal. But Chinese government was not ready to send him back. He ultimately settled in China and was honored with great title and became very famous. Increasing the reputation of Nepal by spreading Nepalese art in China, Araniko became a luminous star.

Wherever we live, we love our country and will not let a single stone unturned to make her famous and rich, to increase respect for her. And it is our destiny that we have to do it as NRNs. We are the real patriots of our land. And here living very far from our land, not only we can read everyday news from Nepal on the Internet, but also can smell the "Nepali Air" like great Finnish musician Sibelius. 20th century greatest Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, who composed great music pieces like symphony "Kullervo" and symphonic poem "Pohjola's Daughter", among many other masterpieces, used to carry with him a match-box filled with soil from Finland whenever he travelled other countries and used to open the box and smell the soil everytime before concerts and said with pride "My Finland".

Not only Nepalis having Nepalese passports and citizenships, but also Nepalis living as citizens of other countries are proud of their Nepali origin and love her.The last year's winner of popular Indian TV show "Indian Idol" Prashant Tamang has shown that you can do much for your motherland, if you have a Nepali heart. I dont know how others felt, but I felt a great pride of being a Nepali when one great son of Nepal, Udit Narayan, as a judge of the program, told Prashant in Nepali "Mero Suvkamana Chha Tapai Sanga" in a program seen by hundred millions of people. A surge of emotion ran through my body when Prashant sang a song in Nepali -"Kewal Timro Yaad Liyera Kati Din Bachi Dinu" and my heart just leapt out of my body with joy when Prashant sang on the stage "Bir Gorkhali....... Itihas Paltai Hera, Ya Purkha Lai Sodha, Jitekai Chha Sansar Lai".

Our great sons and daughters have done and doing great job for our country living out and far from Nepal. Maybe not on that scale, but we also can do something for our country even as NRNs. And now let us sing together with the group "1974 AD" - Jaso Gara, Je Vana, Jata Sukai Laijau Malai, Yo Mana ta Mero Nepali Ho.'

( 21/04/2008)


  1. similar feeling here!


    A lot of things come into mind upon this topic.

  2. similar feeling here!


    A lot of things come into mind upon this topic.


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