Social Media Day 2012: Social Media Meetup in Kathmandu @Mashable #smday #Nepal

We’re organizing a Social Media Meetup in Kathmandu on the occasion of Social Media Day 2012 on 30th June. Mashable launched this event in 2010 for the first time to recognize the digital revolution, that’s happening in-front of our eyes. Social Media Day is being celebrated worldwide and we’re excited to celebrate Mashable’s third annual Social Media Day in Kathmandu, Nepal as well.

Social-Media-Day-2012-Kathmandu-NepalSocial Media has been the voice of voiceless people these days. It has played a major role in changing the fortune of many countries and the fortune of many brands. Social Media serves different value and can be used for different purposes. Social Media, which is also known as New Media, is challenging the main stream media. We can find information & news just by navigating Facebook, Twitter and Blogs these days. Social Networking sites are the most effective way to disseminate the information.

In Nepal, Facebook is the most popular social network with 1.4 Million users, and most of them access Facebook via mobile. Besides Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn etc are the popular social media tool in Nepal, though number of users are less than that of Facebook. For now, it seems Google+ is only meant for SEO professionals and bloggers, though we’re adapting new technology every day.

It can be said, Social Media Business has just entered here. Very few companies and brands are maintaining their pages online. But if we see the social side of these networks, then they’re doing pretty good here. People are not just creating groups and pages of their interest & discussing on several social issues, but they’re running successful social campaigns as well, such as ‘Book for Village’ & ‘Tweet for Cause’.

On the occasion of Social Media day, we’ll be discussing about various aspects of Social Media and its effectiveness in Nepal as mentioned above in the article.

Social Media Meetup

Time: 1:00PM (NST)

Date: 30th June 2012

Venue: GPA Hall, Shantmarg – 93, Kamladi Kathmandu

Meetup Page:

Happy Social Media Day!

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