Tsunami Hits Japan, Pray For Japan #prayforjapan #japan #earthquake #tsunami

Massive 8.9 rector scale Earthquake hits Japan this afternoon. And that massive earthquake triggered the Tsunami which has caused extensive damage in Japan.

Till now 110 people found dead and according to CNN,  200 to 300 bodies has just found in Sendai, Japan. Whereas, The official Kyodo news agency is reporting that about 88,000 people are missing. No wonder, Tsunami has caused an extensive damage in Japan. And Tsunami warning has been issued in other countries as well.

BBC says, Tsunami warning has been  issued which covers Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii, the Pacific coast of Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and also Central and South America, which can cause massive destruction.

Till date, it is believed that all Nepalese are safe in Japan. In Facebook, one Friend from Japan Dinesh Raj Gyawali wrote, “Phone is dead, So I’m not 100% sure but till now I’ve not heard any bad news”. He further wrote, “Now Another earthquake of 3.0 rector scale". 

Gyawali just informed us, “चुनामी र भुँइचालो को सबैभन्दा प्रभावित क्षेत्र मियागि जिल्लाको को सेन्दाइ मा नेपालीहरु पनि अन्य जापानीहरु सँगै सुरक्षित शिबिरमा रहेको खबर प्राप्त”

japanPeople are praying for Japan and Japanese people all over the world. We have seen streams of tweets dedicated to Japan. Topic like #prayforjapan #tsunami etc are currently being trending on micro blogging site twitter as well. 

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International Media reports, Japan's government has declared an emergency situation. It is reported that more than 5 Nuclear plant has been destroyed by Tsunami.  banki moonMeanwhile UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expresses his condolences to the Japanese people and government. He says the UN will do anything to assist Japan and Japanese People.

After, Tsunami Google has also reacted quickly and launched apps called “Person Finder : 2011 Japan Earthquake” which helps  you find a person or provide information on missing persons. Google’s Crisis Center shows a map of the earthquake, the latest related news and lists links to warning centers, disaster bulletin boards, and train and blackout information.Google’s Crisis Center’s person finder tool currently tracks about 6,300 records, but the number is rising quickly.

japan tsunamiIt is reported that, it is the biggest earthquake Japan ever saw. It is believed to be 7th biggest earthquake on the world. Lets pray for Japan and Japanese People.

Images: 1st Image via CNN | Last Image via TheGlobeAndMail 

Many Many Thanks to Dinesh Raj Gyawali.


  1. Lets Pray for the people of Japan!

  2. I felt so sorry when I read the title of this news.How can one be so selfish?What you mean by "Nepali are safe"?I certainly have attachment with Nepali friends in Japan but I felt so sorry for the title of this blog.Nationality is there but it should not be linked in such natural calamities.I felt broken for all who suffered no matter what nationality they are.

  3. That's not our intension. Previously its title was different, you can check it on url too.

    But People kept on asking condition of Nepali, thus why I've changed the title. If you feel so, then I'm sorry.

    But Again, will change the title.

    Thanks !