Football fever - have you caught it?

The interesting thing about getting crazy over something is you put everything aside and focus on something that you love the most. The same is with me and my addiction towards football. And ever since the FIFA World Cup 2010 has began, I seem to care about nothing else than football. As an engineering student, I should be concentrating on my studies with assignments, internals and projects. Yet, I seem to give my priority to football. This is a strange feeling that I cannot ignore.

Not only me, everyone is suffering from this disease. We call this “A Football Fever”. This is a disease that no doctor in the world can cure. And whether you are at work or studies or doing nothing at all, the craze of this World Cup will hunt you down and make you tune on your television and make you wave a flag. So unless you have been hiding in a cave somewhere you cannot ignore the fantasy and excitement that this FIFA World Cup 2010 brings.

The World Cup fever has gripped lots of people in many ways. The youngsters literally view football as their second religion and are willing to sacrifice anything for this. People are thronged to shopping malls to buy international kits. Also football has been a commercial market now. Several companies have been launching their products with a World Cup offer. There are even advertisements based on Football. Also several groups have set up the big screens on several places, so that a huge mass can celebrate the FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 together. There is a common theme in people “Play football, eat football, drink football, sleep football”.

Then there comes the side effects: The sleepless nights (insomnia), the lazy and a tired day and no interest in anything besides Football. But whatever the side effects are, we all love football in the end and no one can do anything about it. So keep waving your flag people.


- By Ocean Karki

A computer engineering student (Kathmandu University) and a Football Freak.

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