Watch Nepali Documentary : ‘The Third Generation’ [Video]

A non profit social media organization based in Finland, Silver Lining Creation has released their most awaited Nepali Documentary ‘The Third Generation’ (2009) (तेस्रो पुस्ता) on YouTube. The documentary was screened at different documentary evenings and film festivals around the globe. The documentary has been narrated in Nepali with subtitles in English. In January 2010, it has been released in Nepal.

Synopsis: The documentary is based on a 19 years old Nepalese boy who leaves his well paid job with the United Nations in order to pursue a higher degree in the West. The documentary features his daily struggles in a new environment and, most importantly, portrays his self-awareness and longing for a search of identity. Amidst utter sadness looming around, he comes up with an idea that could transform his war savaged country into a prosperous wonderland.

Documentary focuses, Each Individual should be responsible towards their nation. No doubt this documentary is all about Sudiep Joshi’s (Actor) dreams, who believes we can develop our nation in our own if we think and if we do in a proper way. We have to join hands together for peace, prosperous and developed Nepal.

Documentary is directed by Manoj Bhusal.

Watch Nepali Documentary : ‘The Third Generation’

The Third Generation(2009) Part I

The Third Generation(2009) Part II

The Third Generation(2009) Part III

The Third Generation(2009) Part IV

The Third Generation(2009) Part V


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