Evening Walk and Some Mobile Clicks

Actually, I was bit frustrated and exhausted since today morning. Don’t know why, but sometimes I use to go to such condition. May be because of upcoming final exam I’m feeling restless, I’m trying to talk but unable to express myself.

Today I was planning to go to Kathmandu but later on I’ve changed my mind and I’ve gone for evening walk. I’ve walked about one hour alone. I’ve gone to Dhulikhel and return back to hostel. Now I’m feeling good after a evening walk. And of course I’ve clicked some photo as well. Today I’ve realized that whenever you feel lonely, or you feel frustrated, or exhausted, then don’t think too much, just go for a walk or share these things with your dear one. You will feel better hehe . Here are some photos taken from mobile, hope you will like it.

Click from My Room Setting Sun Setting Sun View of Himalays from Dhulikhel

P.S. This is a first test post from Windows Live Writer. :D


  1. मोबाइल क्लिपस् त्यो पनि यति दामी .....first snap क्या दामी आको छ ।

  2. Walking around is a good idea when someone is in stress. This is what I do. I used to walk hours and hours around the streets of Kathmandu during my undergraduate study. Just go around, see nature or creation of nature. I am sure that you had enjoyed that time.

  3. wow dami raichha

  4. मोबाइल क्लिपस् त्यो पनि यति दामी .....first snap क्या दामी आको छ ।