Learn Facebook Manners Bcoz Facebook Matters

We know, Facebook is a global social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. And yes, facebook is one of the biggest and popular networking site. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook with his college roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes while he was a student at Harvard University.

Most of us use facebook most of the time. And seems that facebook is everything for us. We wake up with facebook saying good morning and we go to bed by saying good night in facebook. Ofcourse we are facebook addict. But are we aware of facebook manners because facebook really matters in our day to day life.These days we cannot imagine our life without facebook. So, it is necessary to learn facebook manners.

I've found one interesting video about Facebook Manners called 'Facebook Manners: Responsible Relationships and You' in youtube . Though it is satirical but we should learn from this video. This video is suggesting us to use facebook in proper way. Do you know how to use facebook ? Answer is yes or no, but I would suggest you to go through this video once.

Check out this interesting video: Facebook Manners:

This video suggest us some facebook rules. Though it seems a nonsense and funny but for people like us, who are living in virtual world should learn from this video. These are the following rules which are suggested in this video.
Rule #1: Don't Change your relationship status without consulting the other person.
Rule #2: Don't Post embarrassing photographs of other people.
Rule #3: Be Discreet when posting messages on another person's wall.
Rule #4: Don't steal other people's friends.
Rule #5: Don't start hate groups.
Good Luck to all the facebook addicts. Have good facebook manners and relations. Be Good, Do Good.


  1. Rule #4: Don't steal other people's friends.
    I like this rule the most!

  2. साह्रै राम्रो रहेछ। धन्यवाद है आकारजी। बास्तबमा यो सबै कुराहरु साचो हो जो भोग्दै पनि आई रेहेका छौ।

  3. Really nice post...becoz sometimes we really go away ....it is nt rules bt "manners" and becoz it is manners u are talking abt ....I loved it most...

    Facebuk can hurt...i remember posting one stupid foto of my fren and she felt hurt...and i felt embarrassed.....

  4. Hi aakar bro ... really a nice topic. I too have my FB account but with limited frens and relatives. I do like to share my feeling and get updated with frens and family often in FB. Total=170. Previously during my college day i used to use Hi5 and use to add all requests and suggestions of unknown friends (May b friends of known friends)and things became messy. So i deleted my Hi5 account and started using FB. Now i m fine with FB.

  5. Ha ha ha

    A nice one.

    Well etiquette and manners are important in all sort of relationship whether it is virtue or a real one.

    Keep it up


  6. Rule #4: Don't steal other people's friends.
    I like this rule the most!