Modern College Life

In my school days, I used to talk about college life with my friends. I want to be college student and want to enjoy most lovely life.

After I entered in it, I experienced most of moments and suffer something new which I never had expected before. It's all about changing trends of college life.

Most of us have enjoyed breaking the traffic rules in our customized bikes which also are causes of maximum accidents and we don't mind disturbing people by our noisy bikes.

Bunking classes is most common and most of us have enjoyed it. In my perspective, it's not wrong because we can explore new place with our friends where we never have been before or this may be our suitable moment to spend with our loved ones.

Sometimes bunking classes and going to first show of newly released movie makes us surprise when we meet our friends or relatives that have been dead for years but sometimes it is embarrassing to watch movie in college dress when we meet our teachers or seniors in cinemas during college hours.

Even if we attend our classes, we are either disturbed or we own are fond of sharing jokes or sending non-veg SMS or MMS to our friends disturbing whole class or even teacher and we never oppose such habits.

It is matter to be sad when we found our college mates involved in criminal activities. Same as fear of rape, fear of knives in college makes us disturb. Small causes make big conflict and gang fights. (Recently reported in some of famous colleges of Katmandu )

We enjoy the strikes OR protests so that we can only have holidays. Let's not indulge in dirty politics but we must involve in fair politics because the air we breathe also has smell of politics. It is not good inserting ear phone & walking and being deaf towards political matters.

We enjoy a lot going to outing or camp fire but some accidents pains me a lot. Let's not loose our beautiful life forever by excessive drinking as I lost my best friend. During such events some minor dispute can cause deep crack between the strong bonds of friendship.

Addiction towards drugs is most serious problem among college students. Some of us are so addicted that we can't imagine us without it. But smoking has become common. We can share it easily with our seniors and elders.

These are only few trends. There are many more matters which are going on. But doing this let's think about our parents for a while and answer ourselves had we utilized their investment properly. And what about our teachers, have we paid them respect. Please think it.

-Mukunda Undestined
BT, 2nd year, KU.


  1. लेखको नाम अलि ठूलो अक्षरमा राख्नुपर्यो ।

    अनि कलेज त यस्तै हो । सधैँ रमाइलो, जाँच बाहेक ।

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