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BBC FLASHNEWS : Japan government confirms radiation leak at Fukushima nuclear plants; Goes Viral on Facebook

In a latest edition BBC says “there is a new blast at Fukushima nuclear plant”  And in addition an experts on BBC says, “A disaster on the scale of Chernobyl in the 1980s is highly unlikely because the reactors are built to a much higher standard and have much more rigorous safety measures.”


“BBC FLASH NEWS : Japan government confirms radiation leak at Fukushima nuclear plants”

But here is the latest story that hit an Internet after the damaging earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan on last Friday. Hoax called, “BBC FLASHNEWS : Japan government confirms radiation leak at Fukushima nuclear plants” is doing the round in an internet. The news spread out about the potential meltdown of Japan’s nuclear reactor in Fukushima due to the strong earthquake.

BBC just said, “Japan earthquake: New blast at Fukushima nuclear plant” but some spammers were exaggerating this news. And now hoax called “BBC FLASHNEWS” is doing the round in an internet.

People are posting this ‘fake news : BBC FLASHNEWS’ as their status on Facebook . Also this fake news is being circulated through text/SMS mainly around Philippines and in other Asian Country,  saying that the radiation from the nuclear plant is out of control and will reach Philippines and other Asian countries today by 4pm and everybody is advised to stay indoors for their safety especially when it rains.

Circulated Message is like this:

“BBC flash news: Japan government confirms radiation leak at Fukushima nuclear plants. Asian countries should take necessary precautions. If rain comes, remain indoors first 24hours, close doors n windows, swab neck skin with beta-dine where thyroid area is, radiation hits thyroid first. Take extra precautions, radiation may hit Philippines starting 4pm today! PLEASE PASS IT”

But in reality there is no any such news published by BBC and other International Media.Rather its just a hoax that doing the round in an internet, specially on Facebook. Infact BBC wrote, “At Fukushima the explosions - caused by hydrogen and oxygen vented from the reactor - have damaged only the roof and walls erected around the containment vessels.” And the IAEA also says the effects are of a "local" nature.

Update: Now even BBC Officially says, ‘Radiation’ text Message is Fake. On their website BBC wrote, “The BBC has issued no such flash but it has caused particular panic in the Philippines”. (updated at 5:45 pm NST)

explosions on Fukushima Daiichi PlantExpert on BBC said, “there will be no Nuclear Explosion”, they also suggested, “A nuclear bomb and a nuclear reactor are different things”.

BBC says there is only low level of radiation. BBC reported, “The Japanese authorities say only low levels of radiation have been detected outside the plant. The International Atomic Energy Agency has described it as a level four event on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES), which is used for an accident "with local consequences". No abnormal levels of radiation have been detected in Russia.”

And also, everyday people are exposed to some amount of radiation. Here is the some example of radiations as suggested by BBC.

For example in Cornwall, in south-west England. And yet people live in Cornwall, and many others gladly visit the area. Similarly, every international air flight exposes passengers to higher than normal levels of radiation - and yet people still fly, and cabin crews spend large amounts of time exposed to this radiation. Patients in hospitals regularly undergo X-rays. Scientists dispute whether any level of exposure to radiation is entirely safe, but exposure to some level of radiation - whether at normal background levels or higher - is a fact of life.

According to BBC, “The Kyodo news agency reports that a radiation level of 1,557 microsieverts per hour was registered on Sunday. At this level, one hour's exposure is roughly equivalent to one chest X-ray. Later measurements included 750 microsieverts per hour at 0200 on Monday, and 20 microsieverts per hour at 1145. On a long-haul flight, passengers are exposed to about five microsieverts per hour. [Update:] However, after Tuesday's explosion, readings at the site rose again beyond safe limits - 400 millisieverts per hour and people living within 20 miles (32km) of the plant were told to stay indoors. Moving away from the source of radiation, measurements quickly tail off, and in Tokyo they were reported to have been higher than normal, but officials said there were no health dangers.”

So, we would like to suggest our reader, not to believe in so called ‘BBC FLASHNEWS’ which is widely spreading on Facebook.

Please STOP Spreading message called 'BBC FLASH NEWS'. It’s just an another hoax.Don't exaggerate the situation. It's NOT TRUE. 'Please pass it' type news doesn’t have any scientific background.

New Updates:

However The Wall Street Journal reported, “Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Tuesday that there is a high risk of elevated levels of radiation from a reactor at the Fukushima nuclear power plant where an explosion occurred earlier in the day, and urged people within 30 kilometers of the plant to stay indoors.”

japanAt 8:00 am GMT (Japan local time 17:00 hrs) BBC World reported “now Radiation levels falling again”. According to BBC World, Cabinet Secretary says, “Radiation level is 700 times less than after blast” but Japanese Officials  have urged those living within 30km of the plant to stay indoors.

Beyond exclusion zones 'we do not think significant danger to health at this juncture': spokesman for Japanese PM on #Fukushima nuclear leak. ~ BBC (New Update)

For more details on Nuclear Plant Explosion and to know How great a danger do these problems pose for people in Japan and further afield? Visit BBC : Meltdown alert at Japan reactor

Image via: BBC

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  1. The 'Please pass it' type news have no scientific background. radiation levels have been monitored at various parts of Japan by the government institutes. a small watch-size dosimeter also can measure it conveniently. The high level were found only around the power plants. With time and distance, the level becomes low. For example, in a nearby Ibaraki prefecture, it has been recorded much lower than 5 microsieverts just an hour ago.

  2. was this news early or i read it late?? but this blog is not so cool. are u still updating the news or just one blow of news. i have true news for u

    @ chaitanya
    The International Atomic Energy Agency said after Tuesday's blast that radiation dosages of up to 400 millisieverts per hour had been recorded at the site.
    Exposure to over 100 millisieverts a year is a level which can lead to cancer, according to the World Nuclear Association.

    better update true news rather than just blogging. and that flash news thing is certainly fake but china and Philippines are in danger of radiation.

  3. Thank you !

    But I think, you need to go through the post once again. This post was written in the morning 6:50 am NST (see above)

    Also you need to checkout an update section, where these things have been already updated.

    And 400 millisieverts per hour is lesser than after blast. Cabinet Secretary says, “Radiation level is 700 times less than after blast” but Japanese Officials have urged those living within 30km of the plant to stay indoors. Even picture is saying clearly. (see the date) You need to go throughly this post once again.

    And Recently BBC also said, 'Radiation' Message is Fake.

    And another thing this is a blog, we are blogging true news and happenings. And we are sorry, if you do not find it Cool. :) Better be updated with BreakingNews.

  4. Hi anil

    Humbly I have no intention to deny that 400 milisieverts was recorded. It was recorded this morning outside the Fukushima nuclear power plant (when the 2nd reactor exploded) and I am staying indoor updating the news every morning. I am not unaware that, in the afternoon, the level went to about 750 microsievert.

    I believe you update in a smart way but I am right here in Ibaraki prefecture Japan, thinking over how to face this crisis. Additionally, one of my family members work for Japan Atomic Energy Agency.

    Have I denied any of the information that is published in this blog? Where did I disagree the fact that 100 milisieverts is fatal ? I told the fake news is fake and you are telling the same. I am sorry if my writing became confusing to you.

  5. @anil, I trust this blog for technological accuracies.

  6. In the Philippines, the Department of Science and Technology has held a press conference to reassure the public that they are safe even if radiation levels in Japan continue to rise.

    Radiation has reached harmful levels but there is no suggestion that it is affecting anything other than the immediate area.

  7. Sorry for misunderstanding caused by the same name. I'm confused, whether you are replying me [Anil / Aakar] or another commentator anil.

    I've replied you as Aakar... anil is another new commentator.

    Hope you got it.

    And again thank you for info. Yes, that 400 milisieverts per hour was near Nuclear plant.


  8. i am not here for argument for some mess !! i am also a blogger certainly not about news. Yes the message is Fake i didnt tell it was true anyway. and i didnt go through ur update section. what i suggest u - if u are to update any info just update in the same article. it is always convenient for readers. i was confused if u read my first line once again.
    did i wrote anything personal to u. why u going crazy? i just updated info in addition to urs.

  9. Well, we are not here for argument either. But I want to make you clear some points.

    Basically, this blog deals with, 'Fake Message' which was circulated in Facebook.

    Secondly, We have also tried to cover news in some extent, though we too are not news blogger. And we have not misguided anyone, we have tried to give true news and information with proper references and links.

    And Update section is not another page rather, it is updated in the same page. I wonder why, you are just commenting without seeing content :O ?

  10. This news roaming around mobile Phones is absolutly correct plz check videos and Information

  11. We are saying, message called 'BBC Flash News" circulating on mobile phones and facebook are not true.

    Just check BBC official News, BBC also says it's not TRUE : 'Radiation' text message is fake

    And now latest good news is that, "Radiation levels have fallen at Japan's earthquake-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the government says" ~ BBC


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