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After Getting Obsessed by KU

(boo!! to grammar and language...vent whatever comes in your mind...cause you are obsessed with KU)

People usually speak at haste to somebody you meet for the first time , get introduced but forget his/her name at first hand but , i won't. There are so many moments in KU where i spoke to so many people, my classmates, students of other faculties and some teachers whose face even i don't remember right now but the moments are very fresh and will always have impact in my thinking.

KU is really a place where you have so many people to share, so many people to throw your tantrum, so many people to argue and so many people to get dissatisfied. Time goes in its own pace and we forget what we missed. Later when we remember those moments, they really proved to be worth remembering.

My ISC days were totally the most isolated period of my life. My friends circle were limited within few jerks. After i landed at Bachelor in Media Studies, my friend circle along with academic circle elaborated in big volume. Today i have so many people to talk, i have so many issues to discuss about, so many alternatives to choose, so many gratitude taken already and some on the pipe line. I can't think about leaving KU right now because i don't know whether the vacant space due to not being in KU will ever be replaced by my post KU life.

Crawling Up and down the hill of KU and cursing KU for choosing the venue at such hilly location really seems to be funny at a time and makes me emotional at other. Passing the girl side by and you laugh for a while without any reasons, you argue with your friends defending your meaningless laugh and switching to other subject for discussion really make me think for while that every moments of KU is really worth memorizing.

At one time you find yourself being surrounded by big murmuring crowds of students of different faculties and some meter ahead you will find yourself in perfect silence. You develop more relationships with people you don't know than you know in KU.

You pass through the administration, you point your finger towards the VC office and say "we never get to see him". From the premise of the main administrative building you sneak at Banepa Bazaar and say "how fast the small town is changing into big city". You are reading or doing your assignment in LIbrary and suddenly you go out of your mind not being able to bear the pressure and decide to go 28 kilo at Ram Dai ko Chiya Pasal. Tea is just an excuse, you are never going to be fed of repeating the walk between 28 Kilo and KU.
After attending 9-4 class in your respective academic buildings, you either long for securing your seat in BUS in case of Kathmandu students and for hostlers, you are in hurry to know about the latest movies downloads so that you can kill you pressure by enjoying 2 hours of movies till 7 pm when its time for dinner.

Library has always been one of the most favourable and the most irritaing place for me. At time when you have to finish so many handouts, you seat inside library and promise yourself not to go outside till you finish your handouts. At the same your friends come near by your seats and start chatting about unncesary things which infact you enjoy to listen. At the same some big mustache holder with wide jaw (library official) starts warning you not to produce sounds. But you never stops until you get harsh words of being thrown out of library.

Your greetings to teacher, handshake with your friends (known and unknow), hiding your look from somebody you don't know, appreciating the beauty of systematically arranged plants etc etc, all these entities are going to make me miss KU always.


  1. Great Post Shekhar...
    Yes we are obsessed by KU...

  2. ma ta jhan ekdummai yaaar....KU choddina ma ta..out bhayera ek barsa yetai basnu parla jasto cha..but i now i won't do that...

  3. seems like your university days were really awesome...KU must have had a great impact on your life, hopefully those memories shall be preserved!

  4. this reminds me of my own days at KU. playing cricket in front of pepsi house, shandar momo and of course not to forget, our own pool house, there are many more that's hard to forget.its worth traveling 30 kms from kathmandu each way , everyday to have your best time in your life

  5. AnuragFromDhulikhelJuly 16, 2010 at 3:30 AM

    Wow!! I think I need to listen a music-'Purani Jeans Aur Guitar' while reading such a beautiful monologue expression. I missed my KU here again...!!

  6. Very true.. Well a single article is not enough to write about life in KU.. you need a separate blog to cover all things.. ;)

    The Canteen, Library, Bus Park, 28 Kilo, Dhulikhel Hospital, Hostel, Computer Lab, Exams, Assignments, Presentation, Banepa, Kharpu, Sports Week, Music Feat, KUCC, Talu dada ... and the list goes on and on..

    There are so so many things of KU Life to remember..

    Missed those days very much.. Thanks for the article :)

  7. @Mukesh: Mukesh bro ur idea is very commendable...i will think about it..

  8. Wow!! I think I need to listen a music-'Purani Jeans Aur Guitar' while reading such a beautiful monologue expression. I missed my KU here again...!!

  9. ma ta jhan ekdummai yaaar....KU choddina ma ta..out bhayera ek barsa yetai basnu parla jasto cha..but i now i won't do that...


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विगत केही दिन यता, म भिन्नै महशुस गर्दैछु, निसास्सिएको जस्तो गुम्सिएको जस्तो । त्यो भन्दा बढि हिन भावना ले सताइरहेछ । म मष्तिष्क ले भन्दा मन ले सोच्ने भएको छु, अनि मन ले सोच्दा धेरै नै गल्तिहरु हुने रहेछन्, धेरै नै हिन भावनाहरु आउँदारहेछन् । मलाई आजकल यस्तो लाग्दैछ कि, म कुनै अनजान सभ्यताको एउटा भग्नावशेषमा बाँचेको बेमहत्व को सालिक हुँ, आकार रुपरहित शिलालेख हुँ, जसलाई कसैले पढ्न सक्दैन, बुझ्न सक्दैन, बुझेर पनि महत्व रहँदैन.... सायद म केही पनि होइन, केही होइन ! म के गरौँ, कसो गरौँ साह्रै अलमल र दुविधमा परेको छु । म धेरै रिसाउनथालेको छु, झ्वाट्ट रिस उठ्न थालेको छ अनि बुझ्दैछु हानी आफैँलाई नै भइरहेको छ । यहाँ कोही के भन्छन् कोही के, अनेक अर्थ छन् सबैका । मेरो कुरा सुन्नेहरु, सुनेर पनि बुझ्दैनन् या बुझ्नचाहँदैनन् । या म नै कुरा बुझाउन नसक्ने भएको हुँ कि जस्तो पनि लाग्छ । कुरा त हो पनि, अनि आफूले गरेका हरेक कुरा ठिक छ भन्ने ठान्छु , म अलि अल्प कुरा गर्छु, कुरा पुरा हुन पाउँदैन अनि त्यसैको धेरै अर्थ निकाल्छन्, मान्छेहरु । पुरै कुरा भन्न नसक्नु मा मेरो गल्ति हो या, आधि कुरा मात्र सुनेर अरु अ

म छोरी

म छोरी, म आइमाई जात, म नारी । आज म तृप्ती अनुभव गरिरहेको छु । मलाई लाग्छ आज मेरो जित भएको छ, आज म आनन्दले भरिपुर्ण छु । उ हेर, मेरी आमा चिच्याई चिच्याई रोइरहेकी छिन्, उता बुवा पनि त्यस्तै । साना साना भाइबहिनी चाँहि बुझ्दैनन्, यस्तो ठूलो कुरा । सायद तपाई को अनुमान मिल्न सक्छ… हो म अब यस संसार मा छैन, म मरिसेकेकी छु, हो म मरिसकेकी छु । हो, मैले आफूले आफैँलाई मृत्यु दिएकी छु र म यो गर्व को साथ बताउँदैछु । हो, मैले आत्महत्या गरेँ । अनि यही आत्महत्या को विषयमा धेरै प्रश्न उठिरहेकाछन्, मान्छेहरु कानेखुशी गर्दैछन् । त्यो छिमेकी आइमाई, उ हेर्नुस् खासखुस गर्दैछिन् । मेरो चरित्र मा दाग लगाउँदैछन्, म मा नभएको खोट र दाग पनि देखाउन खोज्दैछन् उनीहरु । समाजमा केटा ले आत्महत्या गर्‍यो भने, “टेन्सन” ले, या अरु कुनै वाहाना… अनि किशोरी केटी ले आत्महत्या गरी भने, ‘गर्भवति भएको’, कि ‘प्रेम मा धोका पाएको’ वा सिधै ‘चरित्रहिन’ भएको आरोप । मलाई पनि यस्तो लान्छना लाग्नु स्वभाविक हो । तर भित्री कुरा त कसलाई थाहा हुन्छ हैन र ? के हामी अरु को मन पढ्न सक्छौँ र ? धेरै के भन्नु तर मैले आफूलाई चाँहि मृत्यु दिँए ।

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