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Nepalese on Social Media

If you are currently in Nepal then you might be facing problems with the ever changing politics and load shedding schedule. This has disrupted the Nepalese public life and created a sense of frustration. At these times, how do you know what people are asking from the government? The angry public and frustration has always caused people to come out on the roads and revolt to the government.

At these times, very few – I think, know of the existence beyond the chaos of Nepal, particular all those bureaucrats working on their desk that doesn’t have a computer – forget the internet, there lies a mass of people connected in virtual World. In global terms – we call it Online Social Network. In simple words, it’s an online society where people from different part of the world connect to share their views and thoughts. Few examples are Facebook, Twitter and different blogs written by people.

I have been involved in the social network for almost a year; I have, in my network, Nepalese friends from every part of World. Everyday people are discussing of the issues in Nepal and on the welfare of Nepal.People are writing blogs and articles to create awareness and inform each other.

Few examples of how Nepal is growing in Social Media:

Facebook Profile of Nepal :

Facebook Profile of Kathmandu:

Twitter Profile of NewsFromNepal:

Sharing ideas has become so easy. Discussing on topics has become very exciting. Getting informed has never been so easy. These new movements contain maximum of youngster with new ideas and belief. Nepalese young force is no longer bounded, they are as free as a bird and many social media events and discussion proves it. Social media sees no geographical boundaries, and all the Nepalese all over the world are participating in this event to Nepal’s welfare. Nepal is under the visible spectrum of all the Nepalese.

But as always there is an issue of Digital Divide, there is an issue of lack of proper management of the resources. But people like Mahabir Pun and his efforts to close that divide can be seen through the social media.

Facebook Profile of Mahabhir Pun:

Main line media has always promoted violence news and pessimistic views. But I resist them, be it a reality or not, what we need to do is to move forward learning from mistakes. Nepalese on Social Media is an example of how people are promoting towards better Nepal, everywhere you can see that effort being made by each individual.

The reality of people can be seen through these windows created on Social Media. But we must not only watch through these windows but act, as well. The new social movement is happening through online forums, let’s be part of it.

Written By: Deep Sherchan, Chief Marketing Office, InRev ( is from Pakhribas, Dhunkata and is an IOE Pulchowk Alumnus. InRev is a Bangalore based Web Information Company, with interest in Economic Research and Social Media. They have a Social Media Management Service named Buzzom (


  1. ya these days social networking site are too much popular. now a days social networking site are being a means of advertisement and marketing. if facebook growth like this manner one day it replace the msn yahoo and also google.

  2. Really nice write up. Social Networking has been helping a lot. Its easy to pass time, get informed and gain knowledge...share your knowlegde..and be in touch with the world sitting infront of your desktop.

    Nice writing...;)

  3. nice post nice to know about Nepalese on Social Media thanks for the post

  4. very nice article. Social media is important for sharing and discussion about anything

  5. Social networking is really booming and nobody who has access to the internet seems untouched. But there is another side to the coin too. Social networking sites and specially Facebook and Hi5 are becoming more like addiction among youngsters. I have seen the public profile of some teenagers in hi5 and its really horrible. One very clear side effect is that they want to remain in this virtual society being detached from real society, be it home, school or such.
    One interesting incident just to share, one Bangladeshi friend of mine recently got locked out of Facebook without any proper reason or warning. He lost contact with more 250 friends he made in this virtual society, and all pictures and whatever he had in his account. He was very frustrated for many days because of that incident.
    Social Networking sites really helps to be in touch with friends in the modern era of globalization, but I think we should not involve ourselves excessively in these virtual networking... There should be a distance, an emotional one.. Let these virtual Society not hamper our real Life, that's what I mean.

  6. Thanks for the comment guys.
    @Kishor I really agree with you in the point u have made regarding the addiction of social media.
    With all new technology and innovation, people have always become overwhelmed them. This is the reason, we all need to make sure that people understand the pros and cons of the innovation and their social impact. Especially the young people who have stormed the social media. Its a high time and we will see more of it in future.

    Once again Thanks for the comment.

  7. Nice article. Thank you for the analysis.

  8. nice post nice to know about Nepalese on Social Media thanks for the post


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विगत केही दिन यता, म भिन्नै महशुस गर्दैछु, निसास्सिएको जस्तो गुम्सिएको जस्तो । त्यो भन्दा बढि हिन भावना ले सताइरहेछ । म मष्तिष्क ले भन्दा मन ले सोच्ने भएको छु, अनि मन ले सोच्दा धेरै नै गल्तिहरु हुने रहेछन्, धेरै नै हिन भावनाहरु आउँदारहेछन् । मलाई आजकल यस्तो लाग्दैछ कि, म कुनै अनजान सभ्यताको एउटा भग्नावशेषमा बाँचेको बेमहत्व को सालिक हुँ, आकार रुपरहित शिलालेख हुँ, जसलाई कसैले पढ्न सक्दैन, बुझ्न सक्दैन, बुझेर पनि महत्व रहँदैन.... सायद म केही पनि होइन, केही होइन ! म के गरौँ, कसो गरौँ साह्रै अलमल र दुविधमा परेको छु । म धेरै रिसाउनथालेको छु, झ्वाट्ट रिस उठ्न थालेको छ अनि बुझ्दैछु हानी आफैँलाई नै भइरहेको छ । यहाँ कोही के भन्छन् कोही के, अनेक अर्थ छन् सबैका । मेरो कुरा सुन्नेहरु, सुनेर पनि बुझ्दैनन् या बुझ्नचाहँदैनन् । या म नै कुरा बुझाउन नसक्ने भएको हुँ कि जस्तो पनि लाग्छ । कुरा त हो पनि, अनि आफूले गरेका हरेक कुरा ठिक छ भन्ने ठान्छु , म अलि अल्प कुरा गर्छु, कुरा पुरा हुन पाउँदैन अनि त्यसैको धेरै अर्थ निकाल्छन्, मान्छेहरु । पुरै कुरा भन्न नसक्नु मा मेरो गल्ति हो या, आधि कुरा मात्र सुनेर अरु अ

म छोरी

म छोरी, म आइमाई जात, म नारी । आज म तृप्ती अनुभव गरिरहेको छु । मलाई लाग्छ आज मेरो जित भएको छ, आज म आनन्दले भरिपुर्ण छु । उ हेर, मेरी आमा चिच्याई चिच्याई रोइरहेकी छिन्, उता बुवा पनि त्यस्तै । साना साना भाइबहिनी चाँहि बुझ्दैनन्, यस्तो ठूलो कुरा । सायद तपाई को अनुमान मिल्न सक्छ… हो म अब यस संसार मा छैन, म मरिसेकेकी छु, हो म मरिसकेकी छु । हो, मैले आफूले आफैँलाई मृत्यु दिएकी छु र म यो गर्व को साथ बताउँदैछु । हो, मैले आत्महत्या गरेँ । अनि यही आत्महत्या को विषयमा धेरै प्रश्न उठिरहेकाछन्, मान्छेहरु कानेखुशी गर्दैछन् । त्यो छिमेकी आइमाई, उ हेर्नुस् खासखुस गर्दैछिन् । मेरो चरित्र मा दाग लगाउँदैछन्, म मा नभएको खोट र दाग पनि देखाउन खोज्दैछन् उनीहरु । समाजमा केटा ले आत्महत्या गर्‍यो भने, “टेन्सन” ले, या अरु कुनै वाहाना… अनि किशोरी केटी ले आत्महत्या गरी भने, ‘गर्भवति भएको’, कि ‘प्रेम मा धोका पाएको’ वा सिधै ‘चरित्रहिन’ भएको आरोप । मलाई पनि यस्तो लान्छना लाग्नु स्वभाविक हो । तर भित्री कुरा त कसलाई थाहा हुन्छ हैन र ? के हामी अरु को मन पढ्न सक्छौँ र ? धेरै के भन्नु तर मैले आफूलाई चाँहि मृत्यु दिँए ।

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