Social Media Meetup @mashSMday on 29th June in Kathmandu #smday

We're organizing a Social Media Meetup in Kathmandu on 29th June (Asar 15), Saturday to mark the Social Media Day 2013 in Nepal. Mashable launched this event in 2010 for the first time to recognize the digital revolution happening around the world. Social Media Day is being celebrated worldwide on 30th June and we’re excited to celebrate Mashable’s fourth annual Social Media Day in Kathmandu, Nepal as well.

Social Media has become our lifestyle. Social Media serves different value and can be used for different purposes.

This year our theme is "Social Media is Good" (Thanks to @UjjwalAcharya). Social Media has played a major role in changing the fortune of many people, communities, brands, companies and countries. In this Meetup we'll be discussing what good Social Media has done in different sectors in Nepal, how people are using Social Media for Good. An expert from different fields (Marketing, Journalism, Education, Literature, Movie, Music, Sports, Campaigner etc) will share how Social Media has helped them to achieve their goal in their field. No doubt we'll be hearing a lot of success stories in the Meetup.

On the occasion of the Social Media Day 2013 Meetup, we’ll be also discussing about the best practices of Social Media and its effectiveness in Nepal.

If you're a Social Media enthusiast, we suggest you not to miss this exciting opportunity.

Social Media Meetup 2013
Time: 12:30PM (NST)
Date:  29th June 2013 (Asar 15)
Venue: King's College, Bijuli Bajar, New Baneshwor (Map:
Entrance: FREE
Hashtag: #smday
RSVP: (Please register here)

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  1. Congratulations for the successful event!