Mustang - Sky Caves of Nepal [National Geographic Live] #VIDEO

Mustang, known as forbidden kingdom is largely insulated from the outside world. It is believed that there’re thousands of unexplored caves in Mustang.

Mustang - NepalThe National Geographic team; legendary climber Peter Athans, archaeologist Mark Aldenderfer and Photographer Cory Richards unearth the hidden relics of Nepal's ancient and remote caves and reveals the treasures waiting to be discovered within the sky caves of Nepal — stunning murals, deteriorating manuscripts, and ancient artifacts. National Geographic team talks about Mustang Sky Caves in the following videos. Video was released on YouTube few days back.

Watch: National Geographic Live! Sky Caves of Nepal 



Image via National Geographic


  1. I have been there last year 2011. Its awesome, amazing, glorious, mysterious...............what to say with such beauty of nature. Proud to be in Nepal!

  2. The way Dr. Mark Aldenderfer put forward his evidences of Mustang being a part of silk route is absolutely awesome. Wow.. My first ever experience of an archealogist's presentation. Wonderful. My huge respect to the climber,the scientist , the photographer and rest of the expedition crew. Too good.

  3. i watched. thank you anil dai.