Social Media Day Celebrated in Kathmandu: Social Media Meetup [Photo & Video] #smday #Nepal

Social Media Day 2012 celebrated in Kathmandu, Nepal with a great success. Social Media Meetup was attended by 60+ people, including Bloggers, Journalists, Ex-minister of Science and Technology, Entrepreneurs and social media enthusiasts.

Nepal is a country with 4.8 million Internet users, which form around 18% of total population. Out of 4.8 million users, 1.6 million users are on Facebook and 50% of them visit Facebook on daily basis.

social-media-meetupAt the program, Blogger & Journalist Ujjwal Acharya talked about the basics of Social Media, whereas Social Aves’ Amit Agrawal talked about Social Media scenario in Nepal and the business value of Social Media. Social Media Enthusiasts & Blogger Aakar, Blogger & Citizen Journalism site Meroreport manager Indra dhoj Kshetri talked about the Social Media tools for bloggers & the Next Trend in Social Media in Nepal respectively. 

Social-Media-Day-2012-Kathmandu-NepalEvent was jointly organized by Nepali Bloggers Unite (Online Nepali Bloggers Community, Social Aves (Social Media Agency), AakarPost (Independent Nepali Blog).

Social Media Day 2012 [Video: In the News]



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  1. View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई - world wide team thanks to the organizing team for organizing such great event. We expect such events to happen in further days ahead