Message To My Mother

Suddenly I have an urge to go back to that place again
To the heavenly darkness i truly never really feared
My own lil' room filled with nothing but candles of love
Back to my "Mother's Womb" which was so mesmerizing n divinely real....

I felt magically Blessed when i was inside of You Mother
Listening to your heartbeat, surrounded by angels from up above
How proud you were to carry me around for nine Tough months
Made me feel bold,extremely safe n very much loved.....

Even though I'm all grown now,settled in my own world
I miss your embrace,kisses on my forehead all the gestures n the care
How you protected me from every Thunderstorm that came my way
I miss you holding me in your arms n saying everything will be okay dear....Mother's-Day

How can I ever thank you enough Mom
For my first word,my first step n everything you've done
You're the reason I’m here today breathing and smiling
You r the power in my prayers n the melody to my song.....

They say God lives in Temple,Mosque or in a church
I don't know if any of those stories are fairly true
I never go looking for God in different places
Coz I’ve seen my God all my life n Mommy"My God is YOU"....

(I luv U maa always n ever..i miss U,Can't wait to see U...Happy Mother's Day)

- By Janu Maya Image via


  1. Heart Touching :) Gr8 Feelings !

  2. True Feelings from heart. :-)

    Lovely Poem. As Lovely as Mother. :-)

    Keep it up.

    ~ J

  3. Heart Touching :) Gr8 Feelings !