Wonderful Nepal [VIDEO]

Today, I came across an amazing & magical video called ‘A Brand New Nepal’ on YouTube. Video is awesome which describes Nepal as a land of hope, a dreamland to live in. Video incorporates many adventurous & historic moments that we are proud of.

Kathmandu NepalVideo was uploaded 2 days ago on YouTube and I hope this video will go viral on Facebook & Twitter across Nepali community. This video surely will give you a goosebumps. We’ve embedded that video below; watch it and if you like it, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Wonderful Nepal, Natural Nepal, Adventurous Nepal

Wonderful Natural Nepal

Here’s another video about Mountain biking through the world’s deepest valley in the shadow of the world’s highest mountains in the Nepalese Himalayas.

Mountain bike tour in the Mustang region of Nepal

Below is the trailer of Spanish movie “Katmandu, a mirror in the sky” which was filmed in Nepal. The movie is about Laia and her trip to Katmandu, all the things she have done there and how she try to help the people around her.

Kathmandu – Spanish Movie Trailer

Trailer of Spanish Movie - Kathmandu


  1. I am Honored and Very Much Overwhelming For me to see My created Video in post with so much of beautiful description and encouragement Thank you so much its all for Nepal

  2. Just Confused, why the background song is in English??  (Wonderful Nepal, Natural Nepal, Adventurous Nepal)