Nepalese Student Proposes The Constitution of Nepal

Few of the Nepalese students in US has proposed "The Constitution of Nepal". They have released their proposed Constitution of Nepal on Facebook Page called “The Constitution of Nepal 2068 B.S.”

On Facebook Page they have written, “While the constitutional assembly is apparently failing to concur on designing a new constitution of Nepal, it is imperative that someone from civil society steps up and suggests a possible governing document that will inevitably succeed in forming an effective and a stable government.”

Students who proposed this constitution are not professional writers.
On Facebook they wrote, “We would like to mention to all our readers that we are neither professional writers nor members of constitutional assembly and that there might be several flaws in the proposed constitution that we are unaware of. Our intention is to suggest a model of a new constitution to the respective authorities and we strongly believe that they will help to improve it, if necessary, without changing the original notion.”

Copy of this Constitution of Nepal 2068 has been sent to Constitutional Assembly, Medias, Bar Association, and Civil Societies of Nepal as well.

Check out the Proposed Constitution of Nepal:
More than 50 people have already liked this page on Facebook. Hope it will be helpful for Constitutional Assembly to draft new constitution.


  1.  Good initiative but a nitpicking remark would be to correct the grammar in the title
    Nepalese Student(s) Propose(s) The Constitution of Nepal
    Singular and plural issue ;)