Bing Features Nepal on Background

Microsoft corp.’s search engine Bing has feathered Nepal on its background, today. In photo, there is a home above the clouds. Background photo was taken at Tharepati, which lies at the Helambu trekking circuit.

Bing Features Nepal on BackgroundI’ve found one similar photo in photo sharing site Flickr. According to Flickr, Whit Richardson has taken this photo at Therapati on December 2, 2009 using a Canon PowerShot G11.

In Flickr, he wrote “A lodge at sunset above the clouds on the Helambu circuit trek in Nepal. Lodge above the clouds at Tharepati at sunset along the Helambu trekking circuit, Nepal”. Whit Richardson is a full time professional photographer.

Bing Features Nepal on Background - whit richardson photography

Check Bing homepage today!


  1. I've been to this place, it's Tharepati actually, not Therapati :)