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My Experience here at Kathmandu University

The years have passed and now I find myself here in Kathmandu University (KU) in front of the laptop trying to figure out why I love this place. It’s been 3 years and I still adore this place. Now, this might surprise most of you but I had no intentions to join KU in the 1st place.

I had more reasons not to join this university. First, it’s really far from Kathmandu 28 KM. That’s a big number. Second, the place is relatively in the remote area deprive of facilities. To get something, you need to go to Banepa. And there were other several reasons. But once here in KU, I realize KU is the best thing that has ever happened to my lifeKathmandu UniversityJust few months back there were lots of questions in my mind. Studying Computer Engineering was really tough. My grades were not enchanting. Neither did I have great programming skills. I was frustrated as I saw my future ship sinking deep into the sea. I felt trapped as I had wasted my 4 years of my life in KU and I know nothing. I had no idea what will I do in future.

But now I realize, KU had taught me the way of life. I may not have been charming academically but KU taught me to live a better life. Every year I spent in KU, day by day KU made me a better person. The experience I got from the social circle taught me to me be confident and focused in whatever I do. The friends I have over here are hardworking, creative and most important work as a team.

Apart of all the differences, anyone is ready to help in the critical situations. No matter what, we celebrate each moment spent. Even in the bad times. This provides the positive energy among people. People really don’t care about their GPA here. But they care about being successful and that is what matters most in life. I may not be good programmer but I can lead a team to work together and finish the job.

KU has taught me to be a leader and I don’t quit without giving a fight. This is why I love this place. KU is only the place where you get to be a MAN from a teenager. Lastly, we KU students may not be the most intelligent people in the world but we are the smartest and confident people in the whole world.


Written by, Ocean Karki


  1. :) There are many good programmers from KU.

    The best thing studying in KU is that you become self-independent in your tasks and projects.

    You learn the habit of self-learning.

  2. we KU students may not be the most intelligent people in the world but we are the smartest and confident people in the whole world....

    nice one ocean

  3. bullshit. When you do not get chance in TU, you head towards KU paying a huge sum of Donation and fees.

  4. AnuragFromDhulikhelOctober 3, 2010 at 1:47 AM

    Hi there, I am not agree with some points that you figured out here. Could you please elaborate how KU can be a far away from Kathmandu...and is in remote place of Nepal...also deprive of facilities??? 'Dhulikhel' itself is a place that reflects a true sense of going University. You found KU in Dhulikhel simply means you had a change to be get rid of So called 'Kathmandu...beyond 28kms. Can you imagine what could have happened if KU too, was in dirty kathmandu then??? anyway Good luck to you all who really felt KU & Dhulikhel from heart in their life indeed....:)

  5. "I may not be good programmer but I can lead a team to work together and finish the job."... man you seems comming out from KU as a manager..."deprive of facilities, far from kathmandu" haha .. mummy's boy...."grades were not enchanting. Neither did I have great programming skills"...pity on you.. we are all smart as hell man... You better have a plan for further study man.. without grade or skill.. I am not giving you a shot.

  6. It's better not to generalize...

  7. It's better not to generalize...

  8. bullshit. When you do not get chance in TU, you head towards KU paying a huge sum of Donation and fees.

  9. we KU students may not be the most intelligent people in the world but we are the smartest and confident people in the whole world....

    nice one ocean

  10. Life in KU is really amazing. I love KU, I love the place it is in, I love the way it is. Though I had also not chosen KU as my destination for bachelors degree in  Computer Engineering, I should be thankful towards the God for all those co-incidences and good lucks which made me stay at KU. I have just initiated a blog about life in KU. I would appreciate brother Mukesh to suggest me something, please. The blog is at
    KU teaches you the real meaning of life, this way or that. Nice post, brother!

  11. Thank you !
    Nice to know there is another blog on KU now. :)


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By K'Naan y David BisbalOooooo Woooooo...Oooooo Woooooo...Give me freedom, give me fire
Give me reason, take me higher
See the champions take the field now
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