KU IT MEET 2010 SCHEDULE #itmeet

Events during 1st Day: September 10, 2010

Technology Exhibition

3-D Movie Show 1pm Onwards

Software Competition/Demonstration

Hardware Competition/Demonstration

Gaming Competition: Counter Strike

Designing Competition

Programming Competition

Inauguration Ceremony Details:

10.30 am Inauguration Ceremony begins.

10.35 am Ribbon Cutting Program by Vice Chancellor and Distinguished Guest.

10.40 am Pigeon flying program to mark Visit Nepal 2011, sustained peace and Development of ICT in Nepal.

10.45 pm: Visit to Business complex, technology exhibition.

11.15 pm: Look Through various Projects of Students.

11.30 pm: Visit to Seminar Hall for small Conference .A small guest words of wisdom to organizers.

12.00 pm: Refreshment to Guest.

12.30 pm: End of Inaugural Ceremony.


Note: This is Our tentative schedule, It might change during the program.

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