Bulbul : Episode - 52 [Anniversary Special]

Listen to Bulbul Episode-52 [August 25,2010].

शुभ समय, शुभ पल, शुभ क्षण,शुभ सन्ध्या, शुभ रात्री !!! रात्री बसाइ को यो अर्को नयाँ अंक मा केही रात्री गन्थनको साथमा सुमधुर गजलहरु लिएर, सदा झैँ आज पनि प्रस्तोता अच्युत घिमिरे उपस्थित हुनुभएको छ ।

Today, episode of Bulbul is Anniversary Special. Congratulations to Bulbul Team, presenter,technician and millions of listeners.

Bulbul is a Radio Program (a gajal program). Thanks to BULBUL Team for bringing such a wonderful program.You can directly send your suggestion, comments & even your gajal to:bulbul[at]unn.com.np or to: ghimireachyut[at]gmail.com

Download: Bulbul Episode-52 [August 25, 2010]

Alternate Download Link: Download Bulbul
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  1. Thanks for uploading...! I enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks for uploading...! I enjoyed it!