World Cup Fever

Just having recovered from the serious leg injury, I decided to get back to college. So, at college an  interesting thing happened. (As a computer engineering student) My faculty teacher came over and world-cup-trophystarted “Italy”. I had no idea on this. He continued “Italy will win world cup this year”. I had an easy reaction “Nope, it’s going to Brazil”. This was little awkward because the teacher never seemed to be interested in football.

Then while heading towards my class room, I noticed the Kathmandu University seems to be colorful with international football jerseys. This was a drastic change to see for a guy who had been absent for whole week. Back at classroom, my classmates are coming to me just to talk about football . As I am known as a football freak here, this was an easy topic. At lab, I start facebooking. And what do I see? I see the statuses and profile pictures of my friends all covered with a common theme “Football”.

Now, I came to a conclusion that we all are struck by a Football fever. Since FIFA World Cup 2010 is only few days to go, everybody seems to interested in football. Even the ones, who were never into football. And why wouldn’t they be? It’s the world’s biggest sports tournament which comes once in every four years. With 32 biggest nations competing for a common trophy, you get to see the football’s biggest superstars in a single tournament. And biggest thing is many people unite and celebrate this like a world tradition. Interesting, isn’t it?

So people, which country are you supporting this world cup? If you haven’t decided, better do it fast. Get your football jersey and start waving your flag.



- By Ocean Karki, A computer engineering student (Kathmandu University) and a Football Freak.

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  1. i am too not a football freak neither i am too much into games but still i am excited about this football world cup... i dont even know which team is stronger and have the probability to win.... can u suggest me kun team le yo pali world cup jitla???