Watch Gyanendra Shah Interview [Video]

In an exclusive interview with Avenues TV Former King Gyanendra Shah said, “First of all I do not think that monarchy has come to an end. This is hypothetical proposition”.Gyanendra

Ex-king Gyanendra has strongly hinted that the monarchy could be revived in the federal democratic republic of Nepal.

In an Interview he said, “First, I do not think that the institution of monarchy has come to an end. I feel this is a hypothetical question. If we turn the pages of history, such ups and downs and exits and entries are common. Let the people decide what they want, shouldering their grave responsibility”.

Surely, it will create a wave in Nepali Politics. After 3 three years and the death Of Girija Prasad Koirala, Gyanendra speak for the first time in public. This is a coincidence or preplanned step ? Could Monarchy will be back in Nepal ?

Suman Giri of Avenues TV has interviewed Ex-King Gyanendra in Janakpur.

Watch Video of Gyanendra Shah’s interview of Avenues TV.

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