Some Crazy & Funny Pictures

Sometime its a fun to surf internet to see craziest pictures. I’m posting some crazy and Funny Pictures Today. Some pictures are animated and some pictures are real. Hope you will enjoy it.

Child with a Book

Child with a Book. Don’t know what he is doing?

Buddha was Born in Nepal

Lord Buddha with Nepalese Citizenship certificate. Though picture is animated for fun, but fact is that, Buddha was Born in Nepal. Buddha was born around 563 B.C.  in Lumbini in modern day Nepal. His name was Siddhartha Gautam but later known as LORD BUDDHA (Gautam Buddha).

Story Competition in College This one is about story competition in some college…hehe… :P


Too much passenger in a small jeep. - Nepal Too much  Passengers in a small jeep.   

Where is Driver ?  Seems driver sees nothing from his driving seat. Jeep In a Rapti Highway, Nepal.                                                                    pic by: Kunta Bhandari – RSS (via


Motor_Pic_by_upendra_lamichhaneFarmer  Using a Motor Bike in his Field near Birgunj, Nepal.

Image Credit: Various Websites


  1. hahaha ! the pictures are really really funny

  2. hummm..great pictures...!! hehe!!

  3. he he .... Nice collection !
    Enjoyed more. That ploughing tool is quite funny.

  4. hummm..great pictures...!! hehe!!