Be A Man, My Son!

Listen to This Poem.

Kneeling down on my knees, pleading you as to pray
"Heavenly father give a peaceful space for your son to lay;
You have created me and all my problematic situations
Defeated, I beg- My father -My savior, rescue me from this agitation”

Your son needs you lord; let him not befall on the chasm
Little patience that I swerved is at its end, and I raise my arms;
Nothing more I can do, no more effort I can put anymore
Rescue me my lord- my savior, drift my sorrows ashore.

There he appeared with a halo- then my Holy Father spoke
"My son, I'm always beside you-till the end of your destiny on this earth.
Your ignorance appends darkness in your life; I showed the path to light
I created you, not your problems;
I created a clear hearted son- not a complicated human;
Yet my love for you is eternal, but I want you to be a man, my son.”

On his elegant words, I pondered and cursed my deluding intelligence
For blaming him for all my misdeeds and misinterpreting his perpetual love for his children
His uprighted words awaken me now- forgive your naive child for his figment of imagination;
And for transforming into a phony human, while on his journey to become a man.

I swear to your love and blessing, to your unconditional love for unruly and feral child like me
My lord, your reviving words now will guide my rambling life - “I want you to be a man, my son!"

- Anjali Timalshina