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Bryan Adams Concert In Kathmandu Nepal @BryanAdams #Nepal #Pictures #Video

Canadian Rockstar Bryan Adams has arrived here at Kathmandu for his concert  from Bangladesh, this afternoon. And now currently he is performing in Dashrath Stadium, Kathmandu.


After arriving at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), he was escorted to Soltee Hotel. From there he tweeted, “Just flew over Everest into Katmandu, Nepal. We are the 1st western band to play here. With all the music in the world how is that possible?”.bryan adams tweet

He seems to be excited and surprised too. In tweet he mentioned Everest, Kathmandu and Nepal. He seems to be excited by an wonderful views of Himalayas, So it’s possible that he could go to mountain flight tomorrow. And he was surprised too, by knowing that he and his band is the first western band to perform here in Nepal. Though Western celebrity  like Ricky Martin, Leonardo DiCaprio  etc had already visited Nepal.

bryan by rajneesh

After arriving at TIA, Bryan took some snap and posted it on twitter saying, “A big welcoming at the airport on arriving for the concert in Nepal 19.2.2011”. Obviously, he was welcomed here in Nepal by his great Fans and Followers. Not only in Kathmandu, but he was welcomed on Twitter as well. We are seeing a lot of tweets on twitter about him.

bryan photoThis afternoon, I was there at Tripureshwor, to see the crowd, to know people’s view. I’ve met one of my college friend and he was there for concert. There were many people lined up to enter into the stadium,and he was running towards the north entrance gate, saying “Oh ! My God, when do I get into the stadium”. He added he was a great fan of Bryan Adams. And I was surprised by seeing such a huge crowd there.

I’ve met Sameer Mani Dixit, Bio Technologist and former professor of Kathmandu University. He was there for concert too. He said, “It’s a historical moment”. He added “he used to listen and sing Bryan’s song in his teenage”. He said, “I’m happy, because I’m attending my favorite singer Bryan Adams’s concert, it’s historical moment for me”.

People are continuously tweeting about Bryan Adam’s concert. Some people who got internet access at Dashrath Stadium or who have 3G connection on their mobile set have been doing live (tweeting) on Twitter. They are tweeting about concert and posting photo to twitter. And we are publishing those pictures and tweets on this blog.

rajneesh pic concertMy friend reported that, first of all he sang Bob Seger’s song called ‘Katmandu’. It seems that Adams has done some homework to perform here in Nepal. Later Bryan has also tweeted, “we opened with ka ka ka ka katmandu! Thanks to Bob, we did him proud!”

He sang his greatest numbers in the concert such as ‘Summer of 69’, “18 till I die”, “Here I am”, “Straight From the Heart” etc. Bottom Line is that, Bryan Adams Rocked here in Kathmandu. And he showed love and respect to Nepal and Nepali too. Thus crowd enjoyed and said once more, once more when he sang “Summer of 69”.

bryan adams live in concert

Despite of low 3G signal and slow network Journalist and Blogger Dinesh Wagle from stadium tweeted, “Bryan Adams says: we love you Nepal, we love you”. In an another tweet Wagle mentioned, “Bryan says : I wanna show Nepal to the world, 100% co-operation is needed”. According to Wagle, at last Bryan Says, “Thank u Nepal. O gotta say, when I was writing these songs, never imagined I would sing them here. The world is opening up.” He is here for entertaining us, but will it help to promote Tourism Year 2011? We don’t know. But anyways, this event was a grand success.

dinesh wagle live tweet from bryan adams concert

Beside this, I’ve tried to listen Bryan’s concert through Skype. And I’ve listened one song through Skype too, And for this, I want to thank my Friend Sangesh, who is currently in Thailand. But after that I was unable to listen live concert as friends (sanjee and sakil) complained that they were running out of battery on their 3G set who were at Dashrath stadium, Kathmandu.

VIDEO : Bryan Adams Kathmandu Concert [Please Forgive Me]
Thousands of mobile phones waving in air as Bryan Adams sings "Please Forgive Me". Bryan Adams Kathmandu Concert really rocked!

VIDEO : Bryan Adams Kathmandu Concert [Baneshwor’s Girl Brinda on Stage]

The girl from Baneshwor (banker!) Brinda Singh who sang with Bryan Adams at Kathmandu Concert!

VIDEO : Bryan Adams Live  In Concert In Kathmandu, Nepal [Summer of 69]

Bryan Adams Live Concert in Kathmandu


We have seen stream of tweets dedicated to Bryan Adams. We have been following Twitter from the beginning of concert to get people’s opinion. And we are surprised to see such a number of tweets dedicated to Bryan Adams.

tweets for bryan adams 2tweets for bryan adams

Crowd at Concert:

bryan concert

Photos of Bryan Adams Concert (Performing at Dashrath Stadium, Kathmandu Nepal).

bryan 2

bryan live in concert

bryan adams concert

bryan adams concert picture


Tonight from the stage....Katmandu, Nepal, you were amazingAfter rocking concert, Bryan Adams tweeted with above picture, “Tonight from the stage…Katmandu, Nepal, you were amazing”

Images via: Bryan Adams | Rabindra Rijal | Rajneesh Bhandari | Dinesh Wagle | Peter Johnston | Darshan | Republica (Republica was an official Media of an Event)

Videos via: Ankur Sharma | Somesh Verma




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  5. Tyo crowd ma maa pani hunu parne, i would have sure bought 6000 wala ticekt coz the fun is there :)

  6. Wow it seems to be gooodd!

  7. the policeman escorting him seems to be habing his moment of glory as well:)

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  9. wish this would bring john mayer someday here, would never miss that for the world, even if i missed this one, hehe

  10. Thanks Bryan!!! u rocked our Kathmandu!!!

  11. missed it big time.. but so happy to see it rocked the nation :)

  12. I have collected some more pics and one more video at

  13. Awesome ! nice coverage once again !

  14. organisers has done absolutely great job ,awesomness of concert was far more than expected

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    have you got Alicia Grimaldi mobile number

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