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Life or Death ?

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This afternoon I've gone to Newroad .When I'm entering under from the Newroad Gate.I've seen two people, One people is asking for money.And another is lying on the footpath , the weather is very cold because it has been raining and is still raining. One who is begging money , asked me for money .He pointed a man who is lying there and says to me, "Please help us , This is my brother and he has been suffering from jandis* ,see his eyes were yellow.Please help us,Please ". ( हामीलाई सहयोग गर्नुस् , मेरो दाजुलाई जन्डिस छ , हेर्नुस् त आँखा पहेँलो छ । ) I inspect him.Yes, one's eyes were very yellowish.

But I neglected his appeal thinking that all are same,everyone is asking/begging for money in the roads.(कती जनालाई दिनु , यिनिहरुको काम नै यही हो , अब त बाटो मा हिंड्न पनि नहुने भयो ) . I entered into Newroad,then my mind says,Anil you have make a wrong decision by neglecting appeal of those two people who were asking for money to save life.Can't you gave some rupees?In many places you have says that, कोही उपचार नपाएर सडक मा त्यसै मरिरहेका छन् , भने कोही रवाफ सँग जीवन बिताइरहेका छन् । के हामी अलिकती पनि सहयोग गर्न सक्दैनौ ? हामी उसको कोही नभएपनी कम्ति मा हामी बिच मानबता को नाता त छ । But you failed to support them.
I'm very much embrassed.Oh ! what a situation , one is fighting with death and one me is buying unnessecery things in Newroad.I've rated myself as a very dominating person.
Thinking of them I explored all Newroad but I'm unable to buy any goods their,because I found very bad myself.It was raining continously ,and in that rain म पनि दिन भर पानी मा रुझ्दै न्यूरोड घुमिरहेँ ।

I don't know where I am going in Newroad,I've forgotten everything(?). But finally I noticed that, again I'm under Newroad Gate.Still they were there and asking for money........all peoples are crossing across them but no-one are paying attention.As I reach there he ask for money with me,saying that his brother was suffering from jandis*,so they need some money for his treatment.I've realised my previous mistake and I've donated a little amount of money saying that why don't you go to hospital? Birhospital is there,and your brother is very serious..................But he says that brother doesnot wants to go to hospital,he is a drunkard........ हस्पिटल जान मान्दैन , रक्सी खान्छ ।
I'm very much shocked. Again ,Was my judgement failing???????? If yes, why I've donated them? I've donated them to bought....... life or to bought death...........I'm still in confusion.


  1. Yeah but I love to see Hritik in super hero style. And I give you one suggestion see madhur bhandarkar that films (oh sorry I just forget name) but that one is made on baggers and there life.

  2. i can't say you have done right or wrong because you gave them money to save his life but they will use that money to drink wine and getting more serious .

  3. I can't say whether you did right or wrong but from my side only by giving money this kind of things never gonna stop. I don't know will i be able to do something in my life for them or not? But i won't give only money to them, not today not in tomorrow. They need something and that something isn't money.. And be prepared, I have a special gift to you in my upcoming birthday.

  4. i can't say you have done right or wrong because you gave them money to save his life but they will use that money to drink wine and getting more serious .

  5. Yeah but I love to see Hritik in super hero style. And I give you one suggestion see madhur bhandarkar that films (oh sorry I just forget name) but that one is made on baggers and there life.


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The novel has a wonderful language..the simplest of all. When I had read it for the first tell the truth that I hadn’t really understood the novel, I felt the love story in it and I could not understand the passion in the novel.. But this day I may say I am able to figure out the passion and the feelings of the author..

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