धोति न टोपि

-Mr. Ramesh Nepali

Some two or three months back, one of my friends called me. What I knew about him is the fact that some 4-5 years back he was a successful businessman.In that phone call he told me that due to the grave situation in the country, his business has totally failed.” Dhoti na Topi Vaiyoni, Mitra" he told in conclusion.I assured him with some words of consolation and promised to help as much as possible. From that day this Nepali proverb-"Dhoti na Topi Hunu" is always ringing inside my ears and striking my brain.

Suddenly, yesterday I found that this proverb is the most patriotic, the most nationalist and the most unifying proverb among all proverbs in Nepali. "Dhoti" is the symbol of "Madhesi" and "Topi" is the symbol of "Pahade".

Practically, nowadays we wear neither dhoti nor topi, but we all wear shirts and pants without any topi. Now I'm so pleasantly surprised to think that how could our people make such a great proverb which is addressed to both communities? We all know the situation in our country which is worsening day by day. Many ethnic groups including Madhesi, Dalit, Janjati and many others want inclusiveness, more rights and autonomy.Some are saying that Khas(Bahun/chhetri)are to be blamed, some are saying Pahade are to be blamed. Some are saying you are the separatist, some are saying you are the nationalist. Everybody is blaming the others for their bad situation and poor life.

In this turmoil, this is possible that we all fight each other and by such our activities help to collapse our country.What we must know and must think seriously is that irrespective of which community we belong we all are sons/ daughters of Nepal. Without any of these communities, Nepal will be incomplete, it will not be real Nepal. Our game of blaming each other could lead to a situation, when we will loose our whole nation and then there will be no"Dhoti" and no "Topi". Only then we will understand "Dhoti na Topi Hunu" ko Artha.

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